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30-Minute Asian Dan Dan Noodles

I think I found a new favorite recipe for you to add to your list. At least, I’m adding it to mine. Enter, Dan Dan Noodles.

I had a friend tell me that I should try to make a copycat version of the popular Dan Dan noodles at Pei Wei restaurant and I’ll have to thank him because everyone loved them. What I  loved about this recipe was that it came together in right around 30 minutes. Yep, simple, quick, and easy, that was the best part.

Speaking of inspiration, I’ve been meaning to tell you that if you guys ever have an idea for something I should make, I’m all ears. I’m always looking for new inspiration and ideas,whether it’s quick and easy stuff like this or crazy and over-the-top ones. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to make it because Chile is super limited on ingredients, but I can definitely try. So pretty please with sugar on top don’t feel shy to share your epiphanies and light bulb moments with me. If you come up with something that I need to try you can tell me your ideas in the comments, or send me an email, or just jump on a plane and come tell me in person, I’m not picky.

So, not that any of you would know this, but there aren’t many P.F. Chang’s and Pei Weis around here, or any chain restaurants for that matter. Although, ironically I have eaten at a P.F. Chang’s in Santiago, but that’s quite a distance away from our little town so I don’t think it counts. That’s why I’ve never actually tried the original version of these noodles so I can’t really vouch for their authenticity, but I can vouch for their deliciousness! At first, I thought the cucumbers would be kind of weird but then I made it and I was surprised at how well they worked in this. These noodles are definitely something that needs to happen again soon.

Confession: I totally cheated when I was testing this recipe and did it on ramen noodles since I was feeling too lazy to boil a whole pot of water at present moment. And, okay fine, it was really good but don’t tell anyone. #whitetrash. It cuts the time down to about 20 minutes if you do it that way, so yay for quick meals! Also, I tried it with ground turkey too and that was really good. I bet you could sub beef or pork as well. You just have to try them!



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