8-Layer Caramel Turtle Brookie Bars

Apparently I like putting words together as much as I like fusing food flavors. It’s probably best if you just go with it.

Can you believe it’s August already? Wow, I feel like someone stole the first two-thirds of my year. I don’t really like August all that much. Actually, if I had to choose a least favorite month in the year it would probably be this one. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it really, it’s just that there isn’t anything special about it. There’s nothing to look forward to in August and I kind of forget about it until it gets here.

I think another reason that I’m a little prejudice against it is that it always seemed like the longest, hottest month of summer when I was growing up in Tennessee. I can almost feel the cut-the-air-with-a-knife humidity right now just thinking about it, yuck. The only redeemable aspect I can think of were the summer storms, which I do really miss. Other than that though, it was mostly the miserable month that we spent trying to stay cool in the pool. Now that I live in southern Chile, August represents that stupid rainy month smack dab in the middle of winter, and we don’t even get the benefit of a white blanket of snow to brighten the mood.

“Wow Tori, why don’t you tell us what you really think about August.”  Sorry, I’ll stop complaining right now. In fact, I’m going to put on my positive pants and I refuse to let this August be a bad one. Thinking happy thoughts, and speaking of which, let’s talk about these little pieces of heaven in bar form.

It’s probably just the indecisive part of me speaking, but I can’t help admitting that I think there’s something genius about a brookie. I mean why choose between a cookie and a brownie when you can have them both at the same time! These brookie bars are extra amazing because they have a bonus layer of caramel and layers of chocolate chunks and, (the nuts that I prize more than any other now because I can’t get them here) pecans! That’s right, what you’re looking at is a layer of cookie bar, topped with caramel, then a fudgy brownie layer, then a layer of chocolate, then pecans, then more cookie, then more chocolate, then more pecans for a total of 8 decadent layers!

They take just a bit longer than your average Jo cookie bar because you have to let a few layers bake and then cool off a little before adding more. They are pretty simple though and so worth the effort! Here’s to making August awesome by eating these all month!




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