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How to Make All-Natural Fruity Marshmallow Ropes (No Corn Syrup or Artificial Colors)

It’s that time of year again where the chocolate covered bunnies, cream filled eggs, and brightly colored jelly beans are coming out to tempt us and not all of us have enough willpower to resist.

Marshmallow ropes were always a favorite when I was little. I used to get them in stockings from my Nonnie at Christmas time and then look forward to them again in the spring. Why are marshmallows even more fun in ropes? It’s a phenomenon.

The best part about these is obviously that they are made without all of the nasty stuff that’s in the packaged ones. I used natural color from vegetables, believe it or not, and turmeric for the yellow. I swear you can’t taste it. For the orange ones I used carrot puree but it would have been better with carrot juice if I had a juicer (or a store that sells carrot juice) and for the strawberry ones I just used a few drops of beet juice.

I know by now you’re all probably thinking I’m obsessed with beets but how can I resist using such an amazing ingredient found in nature that can give such beautiful color.

I took a picture of the first tray I piped but looking at it now it’s not a very good exmple because it’s pretty sloppy. Not sure what I was thinking.

So, I will probably use food dye again at some point in my life but that doesn’t mean I have to do it today when it’s so simple to use something natural. It takes like 5 minutes to prep the carrot and strawberry purees. Come on, we can all spare 5 minutes of our lives for the purpose of healthier food. The colors may not be as bold as artificial dye but that’s mostly due to the fact that the marshmallow swallows the color. Besides, the pastels are great for spring. These are something you can either make to surprise your kids or make with them. Either way they will love them and you don’t have to feel guilty about these treats.

They’re also perfect for Easter. I know I’m going into autumn weather now, but for those of you up North celebrating the end of winter these fruity flavors and pastel colors just scream springtime. Wrap them up nicely and add a little ribbon and it’s a sweet surprise that any kid would go crazy over.

If you prefer traditional marshmallows or just want to make vanilla ropes you can check out this recipe. You can pipe it into ropes as well. Although, I do have to recommend trying the fruity ones at least once.

These were especially for my little sister Sophie who is loco for marshmallows. She was so excited about these and was excited to help with the pictures. She was so patient posing for me while I tried to wrap her in them. Unfortunately I had already cut them too short when I decided to do this and they just kept slipping so, oh well. I’ll remeber next time.

If you don’t want to do a whole big production then you can just pick one flavor to try and pour it into a greased 13×9 inch pan then cut it into squares.

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