Blackberry Lemonade Mini Cupcakes

Who else is excited about it finally being Friday???

Wow, it’s been such a crazy packed week for me, probably one of the busiest ones I’ve had all year. Oh, and there was so much food involved, so much. Because of that I haven’t been able to plan ahead very much on my future recipes and blog stuff. I feel like this week’s recipes would seem a bit redundant in a line-up, lots of carbs going on, but I figured you guys would understand. I mean, don’t we all have crazy weeks sometimes? I’ll share some things with more veggies soon, promise.

As hectic as it’s been, I’ve been having a really great time being so occupied all week. I’m the type of person that likes, no needs, to stay busy or I feel lost. Maybe that’s a result of being a former farm girl or it could just be my upbringing or something genetic. I’d guess it’s a combination of them all. Being this pressed for time though, it’s made me realize how much more productive I can be under pressure.

Ha, and all this time I’ve considered myself to be a pretty self-motivated person on the whole. If I’ve realized anything these last few days, it’s that I’ve been slacking big time and I clearly need to work on motivation strategies for when stuff slows down again. That is, if stuff slows down. Which reminds me, I’m thrilled over the fact that the days are finally getting longer. This morning it seemed like the sun started peeking up at a noticeably earlier time than it has been and that means Spring is getting close! Yay, cause I’m so over these super short days.

Alrighty, I should get to the point shouldn’t I? So these cupcakes, aren’t they kinda adorables???? I sort of love their mini size and loud colors. I’ve been saving them for this weekend because I really felt like they should be a Friday post and now I’m so excited for you guys to try them! I thought about making a full size cake to decorate like I’ve been talking about recently, but after I’d made the frosting and I saw how lovely the natural color was, I knew I wanted to keep it really simple and do cuppycakes. Don’t worry though, I’m still in a cake-decorating mood so I’m sure I’ll be sharing one soon. Flavor ideas anyone???

Okay, so simplicity is what I decided to focus on and what is easier than using the already gorgeous powers of fresh fruit to decorate? There are actually all kinds of things you can do with things like berries. Strawberries for example, there are a lot of different ways to use them as your edible art. If you’re looking for some inspiration you can check out this page on decorating with strawberries for some different ideas to try.

Feel free to make these cupcakes regular size if you don’t have a mini pan, I promise they’ll taste just as good. Oh, and just FYI to anyone who, like me, tries to avoid adding food dye at all costs, the frosting color is 100% natural from the berries. Isn’t it gorgeous? Just one more reason that you need to be baking them right now, so get to it!





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