Blackberry Oatmeal Skillet Cobbler

I know I’m being ridiculously impatient for spring here but I can’t help it.

I’m sick of the constant rain and drab gray lighting. Those teaser warm days we had recently, it’s all their fault. They totally messed up my resolve to get through the rest of winter without complaint. What can I say, I tried, but I really want it to warm up now. My view of cold weather is that it’s only worth it if you get to have mountains of pillowy soft snow everywhere. Unfortunately for me, the fluffy white stuff is only on our mountain’s tops, well they’re volcanoes technically but whatev.

No snow will be coming to brighten things up for me. Although, there was that one time a few weeks ago that we had about 3 seconds of glorious winter wonderland (pics are after the recipe), but then it got washed away by that life-ruining wet stuff also known as rain. Best and worst moments of my life in sequence.

The fact of the matter is that I can’t speed up Spring by sheer force of will……but apparently I’m stubborn enough to keep trying. This cobbler could kind of be a winter thing also though. It’s warm, cozy, and totally screams comfort of home. And I can’t let myself forget that it’s coming into Autumn for you Northern Hemispherians so this is kind of perfect for you. Can’t you almost smell it?

One of the best things about this recipe is it’s simplicity. It takes all of like 10 minutes to mix the berry filling and make the crumble topping, then you just bake it for a few and it’s done and ready to be ice creamed!

Baker’s note, keep in mind that the berries berries will cook down to about half of what they are so pile as high as you can manage. I think I subconsciously skimped because I was using my handpicked berries from last season and it was my last bag. Clearly I need to make sure that doesn’t happen next year just because I don’t squeeze in the time to pick them. #berryaddict

You can make this in a skillet, or ramekins, or mugs…. Basically, anything you can bake in the oven safely will work. Hey, jars would be adorable! Why didn’t I think of that before now? Yeah, do it in jars!




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