Blackberry Syrup Crepes with Honey Whipped Cream

Summer is almost over here and I’m pretty sad about it. I’ve never lived anywhere, nor can I imagine anywhere, with better overall summer weather. Yes there have been some normal ups and downs, but I can’t think of one day all season that I was too hot. Actually, there have been more days that I was cold than days that I was hot, and it wasn’t just because I’m the weirdo in the family that’s always cold. What I’m trying to say is that I am not ready for it to be over.

Something good about late summer is the enormous amount of blackberries have started to finally ripen. You may remember me mentioning how they grow like weeds in every untamed part of this region. They are not even sold locally because of the vast availability, well I’m guessing that’s why. It would be kind of like trying to sell dandelions, or grass, or something that everyone already has in their yards.

I’ve been dying to pick them for weeks but , I don’t know why, maybe due to the dry patch we had, they have been so stubborn to cross that threshold from red to black. I was starting to get worried that they would never ripen and just fall off in the first frost.

But they are ripe now and I’m the happiest little berry-picking machine you’ve ever seen. Of course, I don’t have nearly the amount of time to go picking as I did last year. I picked a lot of berries last summer but I between blogging, cooking, and the bazillion other things on the to-do list, I just don’t have that kind of time this year. I’m squeezing in some time though, because I adore picking (and eating) fresh berries.

I’ve also been brainstorming ideas of things that I can make with them. At first I didn’t have very many but now I’m going to have trouble deciding which ones to do because I’ve thought of way too many now, both sweet and savory. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?

Well, I made this delicious syrup with the first batch that I picked and it was amazing! I’m really not sure why I haven’t been making syrups with all of the berries this year because it’s so easy and tastes so good with anything and everything. I know I’ve mentioned that there is no buying maple syrup here in Chile, or maple anything, so we have gone through our withdrawals and I’ve at least found alternatives for things like pancakes. Berry syrup is one of them.

I mean, I don’t think you can beat maple but this blackberry syrup certainly gets close. Then there are these crepes. I have only made crepes a few times and every time I do I remember how easy and delicious they are. One of my favorite things about them is the versatility of them being good for sweet or savory fillings.

If you’re looking for something to impress in a snap, like if you have surprise house guests or a spur-of the-moment brunch, these are the thing. Each part of the recipe is quick and easy to make and the whole thing can be done in under 1 hour. That’s really fast by my standards.

I hope you guys are ready for more blackberries……because there will be more.


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