Toasted Coconut Magic Cookie Bars (vegan)

That’s right. I just put browned butter and toasted coconut into the same sentence.


This is the part of the post that I have to mentally switch to writing gear, which is sometimes hard for me to do because I’m not always in the mood. Um, today isn’t that bad. I can think of many days when I have been much less inclined to write about food. It comes with the territory though, and all of the days that I really enjoy writing make the other ones worth it.


I know that you’ve probably all had magic bars before but these are a like the upgraded version of the classic recipe.


Magic bars were something that my mom made pretty often when I was little because they were one of my dad’s favorites and they are such an easy recipe to make. She taught me how to make them when I was pretty young but I could never seem to make them as good as hers. Plus, you all know how I can’t help myself when it comes to tweaking recipes.


Don’t get me wrong, the classic way is delicious and I know why they are so named, because they disappear like magic every time. It’s just, I always felt like they’d be better on a chewy crust over the typical crunchy graham cracker one and the coconut just needed to be toasted. As far as I’m concerned, un-toasted coconut is the equivalent of a nice car that never gets driven. Yes, it’s fine as it is, but there is so much potential.

Then there is the browned butter factor. If I could get away with it, I would probably brown every stick of butter from this moment on for the rest of my life. It’s so, so, so good! Of course, that wouldn’t always work out, but you have to admit it’s a lovely thought.


And you guys probably noticed that I’m still on my coconut kick and used fresh coconut in these. However, like I said the other day, you can totally just use dried coconut shreds for this recipe and it’s also fine if they are sweetened. I prefer unsweetened but it’s up to you.


If you are a fan of magic bars, or so unfortunate as to never have tried them, then you need to make these. They could change your life…..or at least make your day.



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