Carrot Cake Tiramisu

I have to admit something…..

I’m really annoyed that Easter is in March this year seeing as how there won’t really be anything to celebrate in April now and also because I had a bunch of things I wanted to make and share for Easter but I won’t have time to cram them into this month. Oh well, next year will just have to be extra packed with Easter themed recipes and I’ll just have to focus on pretending it’s Spring for next month. This is probably the easiest time of year to do that too, pretend I don’t live in the complete opposite seasons from where I grew up and where most of you guys live. Our early Autumn here has a lot of similarities to Spring so it’s not that much of a stretch to imagine it actually is. There are also still a lot of seasonal fruits and veggies still available since Chile has a long growing season and they fit into the Spring theme really well.

So there was something that I’ve been wanting to mention for a few weeks now but I couldn’t because it was going to be a surprise for my brother-in-law Josh. His mom and brother are planning a trip all the way down to our little speck on the planet to be here for Josh’s birthday and to meet Ryder for the first time. They’ll be staying with us for a few weeks and that’s always exciting for me because it means fresh taste buds to help sample my newest concoctions that I’m not sure make the cut for the blog and more people to eat all the leftovers when I make way too much food. I’m really excited to have them here.

Okay, and this is another total sidenote, but has anyone seen Pride and Prejudice and Zombies yet? I will be the first to admit to being a die-hard Jane Austen fan so I was really undecided between whether I thought it was blasphemy to destroy such a great story or genius to turn it into a version that all of us girls can get the guys to watch with us. After seeing it I still have mixed opinions but, without giving any spoilers (although, if you know the story of Pride and Predjudice and have seen a zombie movie then there aren’t any), I have to admit I was disappointed.

My sisters and I got the guys to watch it with us, and because like any guys they would never in a million years watch any actual Jane Austen material unless death was on the line, they had no clue what was going on. There was no way to explain either because the way the zombies were included had all of the girls confused. We ended up with the boys explaining the zombie stuff to us while we attempted to explain the plot to them. Chase didn’t make it to the ending. This doesn’t really make sense but Liv and I agreed that if you’re going to ruin Jane Austen with blood and guts than there should have been more zombies to keep the guys entertained. Does anyone understand my reverse logic here?

Wow, so sorry for forgetting to turn on my nerd-alert flashers back there but I’m stopping right now, really. So this tiramisu is very similar to a carrot cake cheesecake in a jar. I used my favorite carrot cake for these and just cut the portions down so that it’s a more user-friendly amount. I have to constantly remind myself that most people aren’t used to cooking for 10 to 20 people on a daily basis so that I don’t supersize every recipe.

I thought these would be the perfect treat to serve at the end of a Springtime brunch or Easter dinner. The cake was major winner when I made it last year so I knew it would be great in a trifle form. I think this definitely has the potential to become an annual tradition. It can be a bit on the rich side though, so small portions are a great place to start for the kiddos. Hope you guys love it!





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