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Carrot Ginger Orange Muffins (Vegan+GF)

Hey again guys. Hopefully your Monday isn’t looking too gray so far. For the record, I put in an order to have this day removed from the calender but unfortunately the “they” in charge of that kind of stuff won’t accept bribes, even if they are in the form of gooey chocolate chip cookies. Hmph. Whatever, their loss right?…….

I feel like it’s been a long while since we last talked, how goes it? Did you have awesome weekends? Omg, mine was so packed and crazy with (you’ll never believe this) an enormous amount of cooking. But really, it was slammed. This weekend I got the chance to feed some humungo groups of people. I won’t get into explaining right now, but any of you who have been following may remember me talking about the mission’s team that was coming this month. Well, suffice it to say that they’re here and that’s why my weekend has been so hectic.

I’ve been majorly a little bit distracted but I still wanted to drop in and share with you guys one of the new recipes I tried recently, so let’s talk muffins for a sec.

Firstly, I can’t even mention muffins without thinking of Liv, my sister, because she really loves her muffins. These were inspired by one of her ideas. Also, I should probably confess that I have this crumby addiction when muffins are in the picture. No, not crumby like bad, crumby like I’m seriously obsessed with adding toppings to my muffins. I don’t know, I just feel like, without a heaping pile of something crunchy, buttery, and/or crumbly adorning it’s little head, a muffin just looks like an sad unfrosted cupcake. You’ve gotta have to the crumbs!

Alright, and I know carrot cake is usually more of a Spring thing, but aren’t carrots winter veggies? Either way, it’s cold and rainy here and that makes a sweet morning muffin even more appealing in my opinion. I wanted these to be as nutritious as possible while still feeling like a treat at the same time. Carrot cake generally have less flour than other cakes already but I used rice flour so that these would be gluten free and instead of butter I used sunflower oil for the fat. Oh, and they’re only one step short of being vegan too. Honestly though, I don’t like to skip the eggs in baked goods, I just think they’re so important for the best texture. However, if you are a vegan and you’d like to experiment with this recipe and use an alternative to eggs I’d love to know how they turn out. Send me a pic, I’d love it!

One more thing I wanted to mention was that, since I was trying to keep these on the healthy side of things and use mostly natural sweetness in the ingredients, these muffins are not overly sweet. For example, the carrots, coconut, and orange juice all add some sweetness on their own, and then I also through in a banana for both texture and taste. It was a debate among my taste testers because some of my family liked them as is and others thought they could use something more to be complete. If you prefer things on the sweeter side then feel free to increase the amount of maple syrup to taste or another option is to add a glaze to finish them off after you bake them.

Okay, I think that’s everything I can think to say about these right now and, by the way, I really meant it when I asked for feedback. You guys have no idea how much it brightens my day when one of you tells me you tried and enjoyed a recipe!




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