Chocolate Covered Potato Chip Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Confession: I think I had just a little too much fun with these cupcakes.

Come on, who could look at these and not grin from ear to ear? They make me feel childish excitement and happiness with every little glance. Sorry in advance for the overload of pictures but it was almost impossible to narrow it down to these. Per my usual habits, I took way too many of them and spent about 52,000 years trying to sort them out.

I am super happy it’s Friday but I have to say that it was a much happier week than the last. Infinitely better actually, I pretty much had a great week. What about you guys? I’d love to hear about your weeks!

This is one of those recipe ideas that was in the making for a while and just took a bit of time to come together. For some reason this time of year always has me thinking of carnivals, fairs, and vinage-y boardwalks. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned how much I love old movies and retro items. I love the atmosphere when you walk into an old timey soda shop or an antique store. So much fun. I’m really into moods and eras of time. Which reminds me that I really need to go hunting for an antique store here. Why haven’t I done this already? No clue.

So have you ever had a chocolate covered potato chip. It’s an epic invention that should be revered and respected. The ultimate match of salty, sweet, creamy, crunchiness! So good. If you’ve never encountered one then, I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to drop everything your doing and make some or find a way to buy them, like now! Think about it, life’s too short, you could slip in the shower or have a bad accident and leave this world without ever having tried one. Of course, I’m counting on the fact that there will be some in heaven. I mean, haven’t you ever wondered how an eternity could be perfect without things like doughnuts? Chocolate is a divine creation, just sayin.

This recipe doesn’t really make much sense, I know,  but these cupcakes were so good! And before you even have to ask, yes, I actually did put potato chips into the cupcakes. Usually I wouldn’t think that would work well because they’d get all soggy and gross, but in this case, you crush them almost to the point of flour so that you’re getting all the flavor of a potato chip in the cake without the texture of soggy chips. It’s awesome. Then the super chocolatey frosting on the cake mixed with the fun of eating the whole thing in an edible holder makes these, in my opinion, something that should make everyone’s bucket list (you know, just in case I’m off on the heaven thing).

These are really easy to make, but you do need a food processor or blender to crush the chips. Although I guess you could use a mallet or something to crush them in the bag, assuming any people you live with have saintly patience and won’t mind a handful of minutes with you banging the crud out of them.

Lastly, there are just 2 things I would add for those of you who are going to make these. Firstly, to not over estimate the amount of batter needed in the cones, they will rise and ooze over the side if you have too much (but don’t worry if this happens either, it’s all good and they’ll still be beautimous). Secondly, you can fill cupcake pans with foil to hold up the bases of these but I found is was much less hassle to just stand them on a cookie sheet. Just use Mr. Miyagi level poise when placing and removing from oven.

Okay, I think that’s all I have to say about these lovlies, my tato chip cuppycakes. Have a great weekend guys!!!



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