Chocolate Dipped Pumpkin Lamingtons

Yo, it’s cake time, be happy!

This last weekend was gorgeous here in my little town and we’ve been getting out to walk to town a lot. Oooh, and I found some really cool new props at the local artisan shops that I can’t wait to use! One of which is the most random item ever but it’s one I’ve been looking for for a while, a honey thingy. You know, one of those iconic wooden spinners that you see on every box of honey nut cheerios or any product trying to visually say “honey was here”. Yeah, anyway, you’ll see that popping up in pictures soon. I also got some dishes to work with. My family jokes that my prop storage area is looking like an old couple’s garage sale but if they only understood how hard it is to reinvest the same items without it getting boring, they would appreciate my stuff more.

But more on topic, I’m not sure what started it, but there is an epidemic of Australian recipes going around the food blogosphere for some reason. I’ve been seeing a lot of them lately and it’s had me thinking I’d like to get in on some of that action! Heydon’t go saying “if everybody jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?” ’cause I’m not just following a fad here. It’s just, those Aussies know a thing or two about flavor and who am I to argue with that? I can’t resist a great source of fresh inspiration.

So basically, a lamington is an Aussie ding-dong dipped in coconut. I know, what! What are we Americans doing with their lives? Now, I’ve put a bit of a spin on the classic (I know, shocker) and made these a little more autumny. Have you ever tried pumpkin with malt? Oh my goodness, it’s so good together, you’ve got to try!

You see, usually when you bake with malt it likes to make things kind of dry and candied so by adding the pumpkin you create a perfect balance in the cake texture. It’s ultra soft and (for lack of a less hated word) moist. Can you think of a better replacement for said word, ’cause I can’t.

The filling is just a simple chocolate buttercream and then, after I dunked them all in a generous amount melty chocolate goodness, I tried a few different coatings because my house is full of coconut haters. I did some coconut, but then I also tried some in cocoa powder and some in roasted pumpkin seeds, In fact, I left most of them plain and simple with only chocolate, but I really liked how the ones with roasted pumpkin seeds turned out. Feel free to mess around with any coating you want. Spooky sprinkles would be fun for October.

Oh, and did you guys notice Paxton (my “pumpkin“) is making a second appearance here. Yeah, I think he’s going to get a face soon but I just haven’t wanted to risk messing up his perfection yet.





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