Chocolate Drizzled Black Sesame Popcorn Balls

I feel like I’ve been rambling too much as of late and you guys could use a break so I think I’m gonna keep this one fairly short today with minimal rambling.

Unfortunately though, saying here’s a recipe, it’s good, make it….., that’s probably not the best way to attract new readers. Trust me, I wish that wasn’t the case because I don’t like to be the one doing the rambling in the first place, and it would make my life a whole lot easier. Especially on days when I’m drawing a blank, like today.

My computer isn’t very happy with me right now and it’s been really lagging under the crazy amount of stuff I’ve been trying to make it do. I’m doing my best to keep it from finding out how much worse it’s going to get over the holidays. We won’t mention it, shhhhh. Yep, so there’s that, oh, and someone drank all my coffee this morning…..wait that was probably me, but I still felt the need to get more. Life problems.

I think these popcorn balls are a fun change from your traditional marshmallow or peanut butter ones. Hey, those are great too but sometimes you want something new, you know? I love how the black sesame with chocolate drizzled all over it makes them look spooky and yet it’s completely natural. It’s not a really strong color but it’s plenty to make them fun for the kiddos. I just don’t understand adding tons of food dye to foods that are already not the greatest in the food pyramid. “Hey, this will give my kids rotten teeth if they eat too much, hmmm, might as well throw in a dose of cancer to go with it.”  Yeah, cause that’s logical.

I don’t get it, but I guess making sweets like this in the first place doesn’t give me a lot of room to talk. Come on though, popcorn balls are a classic and October’s almost gone. It’s okay to indulge a little bit, don’t you think? And if you’re going to indulge in something super sweet then I think you need to try these. The black sesame flavor is pretty subtle and even those in my family who aren’t big on the flavor enjoyed these. Ha, that reminds me, my little brothers have reached the age where saying the name popcorn balls makes them burst out laughing and it’s contagious when they do that. Oh my goodness, boys…..

By the way, if you aren’t into black sesame or can’t find it, this recipe also works if you replace the black sesame paste+butter with some good old peanut butter. Alrighty then, so that’s pretty short, right? I hope you all have fun plans for the rest of your week, and they need to include popcorn balls! (Did that make you laugh?)



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