Chocolate Nutella Mousse Moose Cake

It’s National Nutella Day!

I think we can all agree that there are some pretty laughable “holidays” these days but this is one I’m pretty okay with. Yep, I can definitely jump on board this bandwagon because, I mean, NUTELLA!

Usually I wouldn’t start off the week with something this decadent, but with Valentine’s Day coming up and this being Nutella Day, well I just couldn’t resist. This is a cake that I had the idea for months ago when we moved back here to Northern Idaho from Chile. It’s been a long time coming I’d say, because I got this adorable little moose cookie cutter and have still yet to use it for a recipe until today. When I bought it I knew immediately I’d have to make something sweet with chocolate mousse and my little moose cutter. I guess I have a thing for ironic humor.

Ok, am I the only one that thought ‘mousse’ was spelled the same as ‘moose’ as a kid? I actually thought the dessert had something to do with a moose, you know, because it’s brown and I knew there was an ice cream flavor called moose tracks, so why not? But apparently it got it’s name from the French and it actually means “froth”. Hmph, and here I’ve been mentally limiting those French to toast, fries, and baguettes all my life.

But honestly, the name is of little importance when compared to how amazing the dessert itself is. Can we have a round of applause for the creator of the wonderful fluffiness that we all enjoy today (and that we can add Nutella to it!)???

So tell me, do you have any fun plans for Valentine’s Day? I’ll probably do a whole lot of the same things I do every other day. To be completely transparent, if you’d have told me at the age of, say 16, that I’d be here at 21 without a Valentine, I’d have been like “Oh, heavens NO, kill me now!” Haha, and now that I’ve lived through a few more V-days (some with and some without a date), I’m pretty fine simply embracing my independence right now. Um, girls, let me tell you, there are a much worse things than being a free woman at this age, just saying. Own it.

Eh hem, yeah so now that I’ve updated my relationship status for the world, let me tell you about this recipe. It’s pretty drastically opposite from the one I posted last Friday in terms of ingredients. This one definitely needs more than 4. I really try not to procrastinate things but if I ever do find myself doing it, it’s more likely than not, over writing out a recipe. At the end of the day it’s always so worth it of course, as is this cake!

Oh, and please don’t let the ingredient list intimidate you because this cake is not that difficult. I’d say one of the most important tips I can give is to make sure to plan ahead of when you need to serve it because, since it’s filled with mousse, you’ll need plenty of time to chill it. Other than that it’s a pretty basic cake recipe so if you’re familiar with baking cakes you’re good to go.

Here’s the breakdown, you’ve got a rich extra dark chocolate cake, filled with fluffy nutella mousse, covered in chocolate fudge frosting, and topped with cute little moose cookies, hazelnuts, and some hazelnut truffles for good measure! I might just have to make this as a wedding cake for someone, any takers?


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