Cookie Butter Filled Dark Chocolate Tim Tams

You know what I realized this week, I’m a terrible grocery list maker.

I’m constantly writing down ingredients that we’ve run out of or things that we’re getting low on, but somehow I can never seem to remember everything we need. It’s a running joke in our family how we have a never-ending shopping list. It’s pretty much a sure thing that the moment groceries get put away we’ll realize that at least a few things got missed and immediately the next list begins. Thankfully my mom is much better at keeping track of these things and doing the shopping, otherwise I’d never even begin to meet the challenge so then we’d never have any food in the fridge. I’m convinced she’s got super powers, that woman.

A huge part of the struggle is that there are a lot of people in my family so we basically have to buy everything in bulk. Then it also doesn’t help anything that everyone in my family has to eat as erratically as a pregnant woman which means it’s nearly impossible to predict the things that will and won’t be eaten. One minute a specific new food is all the rage and the next it’s ”so last week”. Ah, the crazes and phases of collectivism can be a tiny bit frustrating to say the least.

Speaking of that, have you caught on to the cookie butter craze? Maybe that’s long been old news to most of the world? I don’t know about you, but a creamy spread made out of cookie crumbs is right up my alley! I think there’s even a team versus team situation (equivalent to that of the Jacob/Edward contention) over the two main brands. Did you know you can make it yourself though? You totally can, but more on that later.

What about tim-tams, have you heard of them? I’d never heard of them until I saw a handful of bloggers posting their homemade versions recently. Apparently tim-tams are a huge thing in Australia, which kind of explains why I’ve never heard of them since I grew up in the States. But still, such a revolutionary cookie should have been on my radar way before now. I’m a food blogger for crying out loud, what am I doing with my life??? I’ve been determined to make some since that love-at-first-sight moment but, you guys know how I am, I wanted to switch up the flavors a little and it’s taken me this long to choose.

I really don’t remember how I decided on a cookie butter+tim-tam combo but I think it’s kind of brilliant, don’t you? Maybe not. Yeah, it probably seems odd to cream up cookies into a filling and then make different cookies to stuff with it, but it’s all about these specific flavors here. Cookie butter has a flavor of its own and I don’t know what it is about it but the flavor of cookie crumbs being mixed in the filling and paired with the chocolate cookies is so amazing. I guess it’s because it’s not your typical cookie flavor and a little change is always nice.

Back to the cookie butter subject. If I were going to buy it, I’d prefer the organic one from Trader Joe’s, but sadly we don’t have TJ’s here. I’ve probably already complained about that fact a few too many times. They don’t sell the Biscoff brand here either but we did find biscoff cookies and from the moment we first saw them I’ve wanted to try turning them into a homemade cookie butter. I’m so glad to tell you that I finally did because it’s super easy and you’ve got to try it.

After making these I can see what all the hype is about Down Under and why they seem to be keeping them a secret. O-M-Goodness!!! I also tried some with vanilla buttercream filling and they were kind of like chocolate covered oreos, yum! If you want to make traditional tim-tams you could use a chocolate malt cream filling to replace the cookie butter. Oh, and I’ve heard they make caramel tim-tams too, that would be amazing and I’m so going to have to try that next time. So are you sold on these yet? I know I’m pretty psyched up over here! Have a great weekend guys!





  • Trianna

    Oh, I want a batch of these RIGHT NOW!! They are beautiful and I cannot wait to try them! I may have found a new favorite treat! TY, TY, TY!! 🙂

  • Tammy Marks

    Loving the blog, everything is looking fabulous. I’m a proud Aussie and I shall share the secrets of the “Tim Tam Slam” with you. ( not sure how well it works with homemade ones ) In Australia we bite the corners of diagonally opposite corners of our Tim Tams ie top left and bottom right. Then we take a nice hot cup of coffee, insert one bitten end into the coffee and then suck on the other bitten end like a straw. After a sec the coffee will come flowing through, take a couple of mouthfuls and then eat the biscuit/cookie. The biscuit will be pleasantly soggy and warm and it is just the best thing ever. Oh, caramel Tim Tams are as good as they sound. We also have white choc coated and some other specialty flavours like black forest.

    • Tori

      Oh my goodness, wow! That is simply the best and most creative way I’ve ever heard of to eat a novelty cookie like Tim Tams. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to tell me about it Tammy! Merry Christmas!!!

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