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Creamy Pot Pie Hand Pockets

It’s approaching the 31st you guys, what happened to this year???

I must say that the last few weeks have at least been a great end of the year for me. I think I can also speak for my family here and say they’d all agree with me. Oh hey, and I forgot to mention that we had an earthquake on Christmas day, pretty crazy right? We were actually supposed to have a lightning storm that day but we ended up with an earthquake instead. Then it rained most of the day and I was pretty excited about that too. I know it seems like you’d hope for the opposite but rain is about the closest thing we can have to snow here and it at least helped set the mood for the cozy Christmases of my childhood. I mean, since we can’t have snow, I guess I’m getting more and more willing to settle with what we do get.

But anyway, the earthquake was very strange, it wasn’t the jarring, shaking type that you see on movies. It was like being in a boat or something. Everything seemed to sway and move in slow motion and when it stopped I felt like I’d just ridden the teacup ride at Disneyland. Even for my parents who lived in California during plenty of earthquakes, it seemed different. It was pretty awesome though and a fun addition to our family’s Christmas that was already unique in so many ways.

Another little sidenote, I gave myself a little (as Ryder says) “boo-boo” on Christmas Eve and it’s been pretty annoying over this past week to say the least. Yeah, I sort of wasn’t paying enough attention while chopping something and I got my finger pretty good. Man, I didn’t realize how messy my typical daily life has gotten until now when I can’t get up to my usual shenanigans. I’m hoping it heals quickly because it’s really starting to drive me nuts.

The good thing is that I’ve had very little cooking to do this week because, oopsy, I made way too much food over the weekend, Way too much. Not that my ginourmous family has any problem putting it all away but it’s annoying to me because I can’t bring myself to cook anything new with so much already in the fridge, and besides there’s no space even if I could. I’ve been able to get some stuff done though, a little Spring cleaning and some behind-the-blog-scenes organiazation. Ah, and Liv started tearing down all the Christmas decorations in our home yesterday so that’s all done and we’re ready for the weekend.  My sis has got a very good talent for getting in and getting things done.

Speaking of that, we’re planning a little New Year’s Eve party this year so I’ve been having fun brainstorming what things I want to make for it. I think we’re going to keep it simple and only serve appetizers and small stuff so it’ll be the cute fun-size foods that I love to make, yay!

So, new year’s resolutions, did you make any yet? I haven’t written out a physical list or anything but my mental list is getting longer and longer by the minute. There is just so much that I want to do this next year, between blog stuff, family stuff, and just life in general. It’s kind of a really ambitious list and I’ll probably get about 10 % of it accomplished if I’m lucky. But whatev, that’s life right?

Alrighty then, I should probably get to telling you about these pockets. This was actually one of the recipes I made to include in our Christmas Day menu and I was happy that they went over so well.  They’re pretty self explanatory just with their name I think, but to sum it up they’re basically empanandas filled with all the goodness of a classic chicken pot pie. The best part is that everyone loved them. I was thinking how great they’d be for any game night or Superbowl parties you might have going on this month. Talk about a crowd pleaser, I mean, these are like little pockets of comfort food sunshine and happiness!





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