Crunchy Toffee Cinnamon Apple Eton Mess

So how has your September been so far? It’s not quite over but we’re getting awfully close to October now and I have to say that it has been a much better month than I expected as of right now.

I am really excited to share this recipe with you guys. I know you may find this hard to believe but this was the first time I have ever made meringue cookies, ever. I know, what? I’ve made meringue plenty of times, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve never just made it into cookies the traditional way, usually it’s for a pie or I’m whipping the whites for a soft cake batter. Yeah, but this was a first on the simple cookies.

Some of you are probably wondering what in the world is Eton Mess anyway? Well, it’s an English dessert that consists of, typically, strawberries that are either fresh or partly cooked, whipped cream, and meringue cookies layered in glasses or a trifle dish and served as, well, a mess. It is somehow a lovely thing despite it being a throw together dessert. I thought I’d put a little harvest time spin on it though and use apples instead of berries and throw in some toffee to make it really festive.

Okay, speaking of festive and apples, Sophie’s 7th birthday is coming up soon and she’s already telling me her ideas for her cake. Although, I’m not sure her little indecisive (don’t know where she could possibly get that trait) mind is even set on a cake. She’s mentioned a few other desserts that she might want instead like. Like doughnuts, namely my maple bars. I think I talked her into an apple cake though. She loves cinnamon apple anything so I think it would be her favorite out of the flavors we’re talking about, but we’ll see what she ends up choosing. She’s not as picky about the inside flavor, if I’m going to do a cake, as much as she wants to have it decorated pretty on the outside. She likes the look of smooth fondant, but again, she’s turning 7 and she possesses my decision-making skills, so there’s no telling if we’ll even have a dessert.

I made the mistake of letting her look at ideas with me on Pinterest and now she keeps asking to see more. It’s fun though. I remember the excitement of a birthday at her age. Of course now I’d rather skip that day of the year but that’s because I’m boring now and to me birthdays when you’re trying to adult just seem like a lot of pressure and unnecessary obligation. You know what I mean? Maybe it’s just me ’cause I’m a weirdo. I think it’s great if you enjoy your b-day, honestly.

But now let’s talk details on this dessert. I know that there are a lot of pieces going on in this recipe so if you aren’t into making things all from scratch there are a lot of ways you can simplify this like using some good quality meringue cookies from your local grocery, buying or skipping the toffee pieces, using ready made whipped cream, and/or using ready made apple pie filling. You could also go for a fresher treat and just chop some apples and sprinkle with cinnamon instead of cooking them to keep things really light.

Sorry, too many options here. The point is that you need to try these at some point between now and the end of the year. They would be a really fun thing to make with little kids too because the layering part is so easy. This is the perfect treat for these next few months and you’ll probably end up wanting to make it over and over.



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