Dark Chocolate Blueberry Cupcakes

Doesn’t that sound like an interesting combination?

I feel like I’m writing this in a big cloud of smoke. Our area has been pretty dry recently and there is this huge wildfire in the next town over. The wind has been mercilessly blowing the smoke into our town and our backyard. Because it’s hot and we have all the windows open it’s even blowing right into our house. I’ll most likely be sounding like a tired chain smoker by the end of the week.

Okay, so it’s not as bad as I’m making it sound but it is too smoky to see the lake or the volcanos that are usually visible from our yard and I’ve been seeing a lot of debris floating down in the air. Hopefully we’ll get some rain soon to fix the whole mess. I’m thinking it must be a big bummer for all of the people who came down here on vacation from Santiago to get away from the smog because it looks like bad air-pollution. It’s the last major week of vacations here and the town we live in is a big tourist area so I know there are a lot of people feeling jipped of their escape.

Anyway, let’s talk about these cupcakes. I’d say that I just decided to make these because I thought it sounded delicious but the truth is that this idea was born from my need to use a bunch of slightly-too-soft blueberries and a strong desire to make something chocolate. Voila, these cupcakes were the answer.

My mom said they remind her of some huckleberry chocolate bars that we used to get in Idaho and that my dad would hate them. This is the type of thing he would call old-lady dessert. He isn’t into the fruit and chocolate thing but luckily my mom and the rest of the gang are.

Some may think this an odd mix but is it that different then the famous chocolate/strawberry marriage I ask you? I think not.

I also think that these are a refreshing change to the classic chocolate on chocolate cupcake. You can’t exactly identify the blueberry in the cake but it gives a pleasant fruitiness that helps break up the sweet.

And furthermore, I think this is definitly something to add to your bake list.

I should probably stop doing all the thinking here. Right, sorry, it’s all that smoke. It’s not what I think that matters, it’s what you think. Although, I think that you should think that you want to make these. Confused? Me too. Just make them.



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