Easy Chocolate Drizzled Blood Orange Cream Tart


Hey from San Diego and Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m actually writing this post from one of my flights because, #bloglife, but by the time you’re reading it I’m probably chilling at the beach. We have already taken so many pictures and we haven’t even gotten there yet.


I talk about living in Chile quite a bit but as that’s where I started blogging it’s hard not to bring it up sometimes. For example, something that always impressed me during my time in South America, is how real and abundant their produce always was and I found many fruits and veggies that I’d never even heard of. Well, something I never actually did find were blood oranges.


I feel like I had been looking for for the longest time and, while they may have had them somewhere, I naver managed to find them. That’s why I was very excited to pick some up recently, The color is just so incredible and they make the perfect star for a tart like this.


So this tart is really simple because I kinda, sorta, cheated a little. I don’t typically use shortcuts but, wow it’s sometimes just so nice to use prepared things now and then. Yes, you can totally use pie crust also, but I’ve been wanting to play around with crescent dough (another item not easily found in Chile) and this seemed like a good recipe to try it out. I baked it in a heart pan similar to this one, but feel free to use a round one or similar size in whatever shape you have.


As for the candied blood orange slices for the top, they’re honestly more for aesthetic purposes and not entirely necessary. I’m always surprised at how good citrus fruits can be when they’re candied like this but even still the peel can sometimes retain a hint of bitterness that I don’t mind but some people won’t like. That’s why of you’re making this for a group, especially kiddos, I’d suggest maybe replacing them with some berries or simply leaving them out.


Have a great Valentine’s day!





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