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Edible Gifting Week #3: White Chocolate Gingerbread Fudge

Anyone getting excited about Christmas yet?

Well, obviously I am. I had so many edible gift ideas for this week and it took me forever to narrow it down to these. If only there was a way to take each day of December and cram in a few more hours. Like, just one or two more and then I’d have time to do all those little things I keep forgetting or skipping.

I honestly just need to work on time management instead of wasting time dreaming of impossible things like that. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. Except, it’s hard find time to work on making more time. Now that’s a really confusing situation.

So did you find the perfect gifts for your friends and family yet? I’m hoping you early birds still have a few gifts that you’ve yet to decide on because I have a few more posts coming.

Fudge, fudge, fudge…… Doesn’t everything sound good when you put fudge in the title somewhere? Oh, or fudgy (which, according to my Scrabble devotee sister, seems to be in question as to whether it’s actually a word and the proper spelling if it is. Spellcheck says it’s a negative but I strongly disagree, it’s definitely a word, ask anyone in the food biz.)

Fudge is one of those seasonal things that most people tend to be hot or cold about. You either love it or hate it. At least, that’s been my experience. I can understand why some people would hate it after having one too many dry, grainy, or just downright nasty versions, but saying you don’t like fudge is like saying you don’t like cookies. There are so many variations that it’s really not fair to judge the whole species based on one bad experience, you know? If you happen to be a hater though, this is definitely a flavor worth giving a fighting chance. It tastes like super rich and creamy gingerbread cookie dough and every bite is like a mouthful of Christmas. So good.

I’ve had quite a few fudge fails this season you guys so I’ve been getting very acquainted with how sugar thinks, or rather, how to think of sugar. To get the creamiest results in candy and fudge making it’s best to think like a turtle, slow and steady wins the race. You see, sugar doesn’t appreciate being shocked by temperature changes and if you do shock it, it will most likely give you the silent treatment and get all hard and crystallized on you, which is what makes your fudge get all grainy. Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want any crystals of sugar stuck to the sides of the pan because sugar also has a very strong group mentality and one little chunk of crystals can mess up the whole batch. Just be sure to scrape or wipe the side before putting it on the heat.

Happy fudge eatage!



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