Favorite Eats and Treats at Disney World: Part 2

It’s time for part 2 of this post, my friends!


In my last post I shared with you all the delicious foods and the places that my family and I like to eat at in the Magic Kingdom. Today I’ll be sharing the places in the other 3 parks, so starting with Animal Kingdom, here they are….

So this past trip was the first time we tried the Yak and Yeti restaurant that I’ve been hearing so much about. It was delish! Also, there is a great quick service place next door called The Local Food Cafes that you should try. My gang stopped here for a filling snack mid-afternoon and everyone ordered the chicken fried rice, yum! In Africa you’ll find the Tusker House Restaurant and unfortunately I didn’t get to eat there but I’ve heard great things about it.

Alright, and for families Pizzafari is definitely a fun option. I remember eating there as a little kid and being enthralled by the colorful murals so I was happy to find it has hardly changed a bit. This place has a first-of-it’s-kind pizza machine that can crank them out super fast so you won’t be left hangry when you’re craving a slice……or a whole personal pizza to yourself!

Other places I like to eat in Animal Kingdom are Restaurantosaurus and Rainforest Cafe. For snacks you should try the Harambe Fruit Market, the Anandapur Ice Cream Truck, or Dino-Bite Snacks. Oh, and as I mentioned in the last post Creature Comforts is a hidden Starbucks shop. There are more places that I’d love to try next time, but as you can see it would take many visits to eat at them all.

I love this park so much but I have no doubt that I’ve missed out on some of the food throughout all my visits. On the other hand I do have a few places to recommend. Firstly, we love the Backlot Express. They have a great variety of condiments to top your burgers and fries with. The decor is really thematic and fun too as it’s made to look like a mis-matched warehouse full of Hollywood props and miscellaneous junk. We eat there at least once during every visit I’d say.

In Hollywood Studios you can eat at The Brown Derby, The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, or the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. I’ve actually never had the pleasure of eating at any of them. however the ABC Commissary is one that I have been to multiple times and they have some great selections.

Clearly I have some culinary exploring to do at this park, let’s move onto Epcot, shall we?

I definitely have the most to share from this park for this post. Not only does Epcot have all the dining options in both Future World and around World Showcase, but the Flower and Garden Festival that’s going on right now involves 15 little outdoor kitchens all around the park. In Future World we usually eat at The Electric Umbrella

Morocco has a great couscous dish that was amazing when I tasted it a few years ago. In France my mom and I chose a selection of the different pastries to share with our group and they all looked amazing. She got meringue covered in chocolate, some vanilla eclairs, and a Napolean.

Omg, and this will sound like we’re pigs but because there were so many of us we also felt the need to test some pastries in Norway too! Awwww, and they had mini Frozen cupcakes!

In the past I’ve ordered sushi in Japan which was amazing, but this time we got Chinese (in China obviously) and we ordered the sesame chicken, potstickers, and shrimp fried rice.

Let’s not forget about the Germany Pavilion where you’ll find a shop selling an array of freshly made caramel temptations, namely caramel corn! I also just can’t get over how authentic it looks and feels. Funny story, we always talk about eating at the Biergarten restaurant but end up just using the bathroom and not actually trying it. Haha, I don’t know why because it smells amazing!

By the time we got around to Canada we had tried so many things that we were pretty content so I don’t have any recommendations from there but I forgot to mention that the USA Pavilion has those famous turkey legs, a smokehouse restaurant that I’ve heard is killer, and even more delicious things. Italy has fantastic gelato, England offers authentic British-style fish and chips, and Mexico has some Na-cho average cooking.

Alright, sorry for how long this post is getting, I’m almost done. Going back to Future World, you’ll find Sunshine Seasons inside The Land Pavilion and it’s a favorite of ours. I ordered the Power Salad with oak-fired chicken, quinoa, almonds, and honey vinaigrette, MMMMMM! If you want a character dining experience I’d recommend the Garden Grill restaurant located on the upper floor of the same building. You’ll also find the Soarin’ Around the World attraction in there and that is a must do.

And finally, last but not least, you must stop at Club Cool because those of you who read my previous post will know it’s where you can taste soda pop from different countries around the world.



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