Fresh Raspberry Lemon Cream Tart

Happy weekend again! Wow, I can’t believe I’m saying that already. I’m going to be honest here, I may have been procrastinating the writing of this post for a while now. I just wasn’t feeling particularly motivated and it’s sort of a gray day so that’s not helping.

Also, is anyone else like totally getting tired of hearing about Starbucks’ unicorn frappe??? I mean, at first I was on board and thinking “That’s so awesome!” with everybody else. However, now that I’ve heard one too many mentions of it, both raving and bashing, I think I’m done. Yep, I’m good. Not to be a party crasher, but can we move on with our lives please?

So this is about the time of year where I like to clean out and defrost our deep freezer before the weather gets really cold. Unfortunately though, right now it happens to be really full. We recently bought a huge amount of summer raspberries that we jam-packed inside so I’ve been trying to move some of them to our stand freezer and dreaming up fun ways to use them in recipes.

In case my eleventy bajillion mentions of how much I love berries weren’t enough to get across the point that I’m obsessed, I’ll repeat that they are my favorite. Especially raspberries but I like all kinds. I mean, this is already my third recipe in a row using berries. Okay, but even with all my superhuman berry-eating skills I obviously can’t take care of them all so I’ve literally been making daily smoothies consisting of mostly just raspberries. Needless to say, the smoothie lovers in my gang have been pretty happy about this and it’s unbelievable how quickly they can make a smoothie disappear.

Even besides all the smoothies though we’ve still got a lot of berries. I already used them in a recipe earlier this week (This overnight oats recipe if you’re interested.) but I thought I’d do some baking as a way to use even more and I hadn’t made a tart or cheesecake in a while.

I kept it really basic and easy. I also didn’t want it to be overly sweet because I was going for fruity and refreshing. The combo of lemon, raspberry, and cream cheese makes this a perfectly tart tart (lol). So if that sounds appealing to your taste buds I’d definitely say you should give this a try.

Alright, I actually need to go ’cause I’ve got a pretty long to-do list today and I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than sit around and read someone else talk about an over-hyped drink and make stupid pie puns. Okay, I hope you guys love this recipe and have a great weekend!




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