German Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

I don’t even know where to start!

I mean, what’s the best way to tell people that you’re about to change their lives using chocolate without sounding condescending??? If you are a fan of German choclate cake at all then this is a must try recipe!

By the way, did you know that German Chocolate Cake has nothing to do with the country. German is actually a man’s name, the same guy that invented the cake actually. So if you’ve eaten the famou dessert all these years thinking you were eating something authentically European, sorry to burst your bubble, but it originated in good old, small town USA. I could explain more and try to sound like a history buff but that seems a little bit pointless when so many people already have and the info is only a google search away.

Again, not to sound smug or anything, but I’m sort of famous among our local friends for my German chocolate cake. It’s also one of the most popular posts on my blog. In fact, I just recently did a variation of it in the form of minis (“ding-dongs”), you may have seen it. I try not to be repetitive but sometimes the best recipes are the classics and the all-time favorites, that’s obviously why they’re loved so much. So even though I’ve used German chocolate as a flavor a few times already, I just couldn’t think of a good enough reason not to share this newest one with you guys. Especially when it’s the best yet!

I have to give complete credit to Jacob, because it was his request when I asked what dessert he wanted me to make for his birthday. I’m not sure whether the idea was totally his, or if it was partly from my sister, who absolutely loves the cake, but either way I owe one or both of them for the whole concept.

When I was planning the recipe I had to figure out what exactly a cheesecake version of the cake would look like and there were a few different options I was weighing. The crust was the biggest question because I considered everything from traditional graham cracker crust to an actual layer of chocolate cake as the base. The former seemed too far from the traditional flavors of the cake and the latter seemed like it would take away from the cheesecake itself, so I couldn’t decided.

That’s why I did what always works and asked my mom what she thought, and what a good choice that was because she gave me the brilliant idea to use her favorite chocolate cookie dough recipe as the base. It’s simple, but I think the softer and slightly thicker crust perfectly compliments the final thing without distracting from the moussy cheesecake. Which I should probably mention, is softer than your typical cheesecake so if you’re expecting a solid center just know that it’s supposed to be a bit softer than that.

I’m not gonna lie, everyone raved over this thing. I can’t say that I’ve had the same reaction from a new recipe in at least a few months and it was unanimously agreed that it’s even better than my basic German chocolate cake and I’ve already made it a few times. Actually, I’m serving it tonight to some friends who love my cake recipe.

K, so you’re going to try it right? Just give it a chance and you may never be able to look at German choclate cake the same way again. Happy weekends, guys!




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