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Holiday Spiced Orange Curd

Do you think it’s too early for this kind of thing still? I’m undecided.

But as a blogger I’m learning that you have to be somewhat of plan-aheader, and come on, it’s almost halfway through November though (I’m mostly telling this to myself). It’s been my family’s tradition for as long as I can remember to put up our tree the weekend before Thanksgiving. I’m super psyched that only a week and a half away from now we’ll be ripping out the decorations and cranking the Christmas music, but for now I’m doing my best to pace myself. Be glad it’s not a full on gingerbread house (yet) if you’re a scrooge.

Total subject change: So my parents made the drive to one of the bigger cities nearby a few days ago. It’s not the most fun day trip to make so when they do it they try to make it count by picking up the random and specialty things that we can’t get in our little town. They so wonderfully surprised me with a few new kitchen items, one of which being a lovely baking dish that I can’t wait to use. Hello holiday casseroles! I’ve already tried my first recipe in it for ext week.

Another thing they got was a new vacuum. Okay, I know you probably couldn’t care less about this, but I just had to mention it because of how excited Liv was about it and about being able to clean the floor. We’re still making fun of her for this. Granted, she does have a 10 month old that is starting to reach the stage of finding anything and everything in reach to put in his mouth, but her enthusiasm was even more than that.

I have to admit that I can also appreciate a really clean floor. We all went around cheering that “our vacuum  SUCKS now!”  because our old one didn’t. Well it did because it didn’t, it sucked that it didn’t suck. Nevermind, you’ve got it.

Speaking of baby Ryder, I still have his nursery rhyme songs running through my head from yesterday. My grandma was watching him in the little space right off the kitchen and playing one annoying “diddy songs”, as she calls them, after the other. I’m going to spend the rest of the day singing about hot cross buns and curious kittens. Ah, I might have to consider starting the Christmas music early just to clear my brain.

Anyway, let’s talk about curd. No, not like curds and whey, like the yummy, delicious, sweet jelly that should seriously consider petitioning for a new name. I’ve always loved the look of a big bright orange with little cloves stuck all over it at Christmas time, but I’ve never tried it. You know what guys? It really does smell amazing and it’s something I’ll be doing all season. I hope my family won’t mind having oranges randomly placed throughout the house. Ha, Brock saw one of them and asked me what kind of fruit it was. He thought it was dragon fruit or something, so funny. But that’s kind of what inspired me to make this.

Well, that and I had tons of egg yolks leftover from a recent white cake I made and all these oranges that were shrinking to the point of having to be used or thrown out. It was the perfect answer, and wow, it really does taste like Christmas with every bite. You can put it in and on so many things. Like on toast, use it as a filling for cakes or muffins, spread it on your holiday ham (Yes!), eat it with a spoon, or just do the smart thing and grab a straw (not really).

Point being, you need to try it. It would also be the perfect gift for that grouchy neighbor or hard-to-buy-for friend this holiday season, or for anyone really. Wrap it in a pretty little ribbon and write a nice note to go with it and you’ve got a perfect and thoughtful gift that will be well appreciated.



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