Homemade Good Heavens Ice Cream

Don’t you hate it when your favorite products get discontinued?

The chunky 9-year-old in me still remembers this one ice cream flavor that Bluebell used to make called Good Heavens and it was my absolute favorite. I could probably have eaten my weight in that stuff (I probably did) until for some reason they decided to stop making it. Major sad face.

From what I remember it was their classic vanilla ice cream swirled with their dutch chocolate ice cream and stuffed with big fat pieces of double chocolate chip cookie dough and sugar cookie dough. So really it was like the ultimate marriage of chocolate and vanilla. Yin and yang in ice cream form! How could they have stopped making something that was so perfect.

Clearly I’m a little bit passionate about this flavor. Sorry, I can’t help it. Indecisiveness is part of my personality so I’ve always preferred having a little bit of everything. It’s like this ice cream was designed for me. The weirdest part is that no one seems to remember it, like it never existed. In fact, it’s made me feel a little crazy and think maybe I just dreamed about this amazing flavor.

Obviously, it really wouldn’t matter if they still made it or not, other than making me not feel insane, because you can’t buy Bluebell or anything remotely close here. The point is that it’s been stuck in my head since forever and I don’t know why I haven’t tried to recreate it until now.

I figured there has to be someone out there that remembers eating Good Heavens too and if I post a recipe for a copycat version they’ll maybe find it and tell me that I didn’t just imagine it. Even if you never tasted the original you should still try this recipe because it’s the bomb. You could even cheat by buying some chocolate and vanilla bluebell and just make the cookie dough to mix in. Either way, you need this!


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