Kahlúa & Chocolate Ganache S’moreos (Oreo Cookie S’mores)

You guys, I have TMI.

I’m sure for you and the rest of the English speaking world that stands for too much information, but for me it stands for too much inspiration. I have days, or sometimes weeks, where I can’t come up with any ideas for the blog, but recently it’s been the opposite problem. My brain feels overloaded with ideas these days, and because of the indecisiveness of my personality, I end up not wanting to do any of them.

And maybe I should have said I have TMSI, (too much sweet inspiration) because all I want to make is sweets these days. I’m thinking maybe I should have made this a sweets only blog from day one. Of course, then I would probably be dying to make savory stuff instead. It’s that stupid problem with green grass and the fence. Human nature sucks.

I guess I should just be glad that I decided on one thing for today and I have to say that I was pretty happy about these. This idea has been in the back of my mind for a while now but I just couldn’t seem to think of the perfect way to do it yet.

If you follow me on instagram then you probably know that I got some kahlua a few weeks ago. I know for most of you that probably isn’t a big deal, but I didn’t even know we could buy kahlua here so I’ve been super excited about it! Like like I said though, I couldn’t decide what to do with it at first. I wanted it to be epic since this was my first encounter with kahlua. First dates are a big deal, you know?

 I also didn’t want to make something that was going to flop, because I’m cheap and Kahlua is not (especially here in Chile with the cost of importing it.) Basically, my thinking here was go big or go home.

So these really aren’t necessarily that big, or difficult for that matter, but they are pretty awesome. The cookies are actually about as simple as you can get and the ganache takes all of 5 minutes. The only part that might be a little tricky for some of you is the marshmallows if you aren’t familiar with candy making, but don’t fear them. I know you can do it and they really aren’t a big deal.

I made them in circles to look like oreos, but feel free to just cut them in squares with a knife if you don’t have the right shape and size cookie cutter. Actually, I just used a glass jar rim for these and it worked perfectly. The cookies are very lightly sweet and a little extra salty so that they pair perfectly with the extra sweet kahlua marshmallows and the semi-sweet ganache. It’s a messy match made in heaven!

Recipe Coming Soon, Sorry For the Inconvenience.



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