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Mini Maple Walnut Pumpkin Pie Tassies

This time I’m about 83% sure that someone actually did take a chunk out of my year.

Everyone hold on while I pinch myself a few more times to make sure it’s actually November…… Ouch! Okay fine, I’ll have to accept that we’re really into the second to last month of the year. I’m incredibly torn between being bummed and excited. I just want the year to slow down a little but I also can’t wait for the holidays, Yay!

For me, November also means the weather’s warming up and almost berry season again. The days are getting longer at a crazy speed. I totally forgot how much the hours of light increase this time of year. I’m an earlybird so I notice these things and this morning the sun was barely peeking up before 6 AM and it’s been staying light until after 9 already. Craziness.

I’m not quite there yet guys, but I’ve almost made my peace with eating pumpkin spiced foods on a warm, sunny day. I said almost, it still kind of makes me mad/sad. Maybe by next year I’ll be completely cool with it. Speaking of warm and sunny though, it’s only early Spring and the days are feeling really pleasant so I think there is a possibility the lake might get warm enough by summer for me to want to swim.

There are lots of lakes around here so it’s a big thing to hit the beaches in the summer but I haven’t gotten up the courage to try getting into Lago Llanquihue, which is the lake we’re closest to now. We live within walking distance of a few different beaches but I don’t know, swimming just doesn’t hold the same appeal that it used to when I had nothing else to do. I swam in Lago Ranco 2 summers ago, but I’m a cold wimp you guys, and even with that lake being further north the water was still cold to the point of pins- and-needles type pain. I still went swimming quite a bit in it, and at the time the chilling challenge added to the thrill. We used to see who could stay in the longest before calling uncle, but now I think I’d rather take pictures from sitting (very dry) on the beach. Boring, I know. Maybe this year I’ll do it.

Okay, but now I should probably get to the part where I tell you about these adorable bite-size mini pies. I recently saw a recipe for mini pies like this called tassies and I thought the name was so cute that I immediately decided I had to make some just so I could call them tassies. It happened to fit perfectly too, because my mom had just hinted very strongly that she wouldn’t mind if I felt the need to make mini pumkin pies.

I don’t know about you, but I’m nuts about nuts these days! Growing up, like most kids, I wasn’t big on nuts being in things. I mean, I still ate them but I would always choose no nuts if given the choice. How many yummy things I probably missed out on because I was crazy, nuts are the bomb dot com! The salty, buttery, crunch that they add can’t be replaced. However, the type of nuts you use is pretty interchangable so feel free to replace walnuts with any other kind you like (do pecans, YES!). I happen to have a bunch of kids around that are as crazy as I was and aren’t into nuts so I did make some without. Those were still delicious of course, but the nuts seal the deal guys, so go nuts with the nuts!



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