Mint Chocolate Chip Semifreddo Cake

This week has flown by in such a blur. One of the busiest weeks I’ve ever had.

The cabin that we are helping some really close friends of ours to build is coming together way faster than I think anyone hoped and I’ve been shuffling everything blog-related so I can help as much as I can. Whether it’s by feeding the workers or actually hammering nails, it’s been so much fun to be a part of Casa Idaho (In this culture it’s very common for people to give their homes a name.) It’s been extra crazy because said friends are in the middle of a two-week countdown to be out of their previous home so we’ve been pushing to make the cabin livable asap.

If only there were a way to be in two places at once. I’ve been out of the kitchen way more than usual, probably more consecutive days than I’ve been out of it in over a year, and I’ve definitely spent the least time on creating recipes and writing for the blog since the last time I was traveling away from home. But at the same time, it somehow feels like I’ve been making more food than usual. Don’t ask me how that’s working out, I haven’t had a chance to figure it out either. I’ve been cooking lunch and snacks in the early mornings, then leaving early and working on the site during the day, and that only leaves the evenings for writing and, I’ll be honest, I haven’t had much energy for that or for that. Hopefully it hasn’t been too noticable to you guys. I feel like I’ve been so distant from my routine and coming back to is going to feel super strange.

Ironically, I’ve come up with some pretty creative new on-the-go snacks and stuff but I haven’t had any time for photos. The truth is that this recipe is a total life-saver right now. This was one of the recipes I had made and, so to speak, shelved a while back. You see, I made it before the holidays but then I made so many other things that I wanted to share first that I just decided to hold this one back for later. Well, welcome to “later”. Of course, after writing out the recipe I remembered why I put it off, it was one of the more difficult ones to describe but I was also thinking of saving it for St. Patrick’s Day because of the green factor.

In other recent news, we just got a new vehicle for our household and it’s so cute. We been realizing how much we could use one because our friends’ property is almost an hour away. I’m really hoping having a second vehicle will force me to learn how to drive a stick, something that hasn’t gone very well for me in the past. Also, that weird virus that’s been going around seems to be mostly gone. Although just about everyone had it and with it the most diverse symptoms ever. No fun, I’m really glad it’s past.

So anyway, this dessert. It wasn’t forgotten because it wasn’t good, that’s for sure. Actually, Brock and Sophie are still begging me to make it again. It’s basically a chocolate cake with chocolate icing filled with mint chocolate chip ice cream and drizzled with a naturally colored glaze. I’d like to say more about it, but since I already admitted to you that I made it months ago, I think I’ll leave it at that. It’s definitely worth trying though. With it being hot and summery in my town its sounding extra appealing, but even in the winter for you up north it would be a fun snow day project because you do have to allow time for it to freeze solid.

I’ll try to get some pictures of the site to share soon but looking at the paint stubbornly tattooing my arm, I’m not sure it’s the safest place to take my camera to. I might have to settle for some phone shots, we’ll see. Happy Friday guys! Hope you have awesome weekends!!!




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