No-Churn Samoas Cookie Caramel Ice Cream

Are there any samoas fans in the house? Because I’ve got a life-changer for you guys!

So confession, I never really wanted to be girl scout. I mean, a ballerina, yes! A gymnast, for about five minutes until I realized being able to do the splits would probably a requirement. Oh, and I dreamed of being a tester for a toy company every time I watched Tom Hanks battle it out with silly string and dance chopsticks on FAO Schwarz giant piano (come on, you know you did that too).

In fact, I didn’t ever consider a girl scout being something that I could be. I kind of remember thinking that the girl scouts on our cookie boxes were like real-life versions of little debbie or something so, as to whether or not I would have wanted to be one, I’m not sure. I did love spending time outside when I was growing up but nothing too extensive.

Actually, would it completely ruin my credibility as an outdoorsy girl if I admitted that I’ve never slept in a tent? It’s not that I never wanted to do a real deal, roughing-it-style vacation, but camping trips when I was growing up were more of a mixture between the novelties of a real camping trip like s’mores and campfires and the conviences of home like hot showers and electricity. Hey, I can’t help that we had an RV when I was little. I have to admit though, it was really fun being able to drive up and down the country and sleep in our own beds at the same time. Yeah, I totally miss those days sometimes, but that being said you can see why it was hard for my parents to ever want to go on a traditional camping trip when we had a house on wheels and usually an infant to take care of at the same time.

I feel like I made up the difference when I was a little older and we started our own small farm/goat dairy. I’d spend almost my entire day outside between milking the goats in the morning, then attempting to grow a garden in the extremes of our Northern Idaho climate, plus all the chicken-chasing in between. See, I’m not a total urban girl, I’m versatile. Unfortunately though, girl-scouting will never be on my resume, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for me to get in on the cookie baking, right? I used to love the samoas when my mom would get them.

I’ve had samoa flavor stuck in my head all week but I’ve already tried making just the cookies at home so I wanted to turn the flavor into something new and what could be better than ice cream! What I did was take the concept of a shortbread cookie covered in caramely toasted coconut and chocolate and turn it around. So this is a rich a creamy caramel ice cream base stuffed with a generous amount of shortbread cookie pieces, toasted coconut shreds, and chocolate chunks. I used homemade caramel for the ice cream but that’s one place you can short-cut and use premade caramel sauce.

Okay, and one more thing, in case you’ve never tried making ice cream at home you should probably realize that is does require heating first, then cooling down and freezing time so it’s not an instant thing. Like, if you have zero patience then maybe a milkshake is a better plan for you try first. However, the good news is that if you start right now, or at least as soon as you can, it will be perfectly timed for the weekend. And for reals guys, what could be a better way to spend it than with a spoon and a decadent bowl of this stuff?……ooooh and some movie marathons! Are you in? Great!




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