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No Worry Curry (In a Hurry)

Hey guys, so how was the weekend???

Did you do anything extra fun? Winter sports maybe, if you’re up North, or some fun beach time if you’re somewhere warm like I am? Around here the summer is slowly coming to an end but it’s as if it’s not going without a little say in the matter because this last week was ridiculously humid and it reminded me of where I grew up in the States. Wow, it was just so STICKY. I actually love warm weather, but I can’t stand that claustrophobic feeling that comes with high humidity.

My weekend was pretty calm though. My parents had to take a small trip during the week and then my little sis, Lela, was still on her adventure trip with some friends of ours so our home was feeling a little bit off for a few days. Of course, then everyone came home and we’re a full house again. Things are bound to go back to the usual level of chaos very soon.

It was different kind of week for me because I didn’t do a huge amount of cooking as usual. Firstly, because there weren’t as many of us around to eat so much, and secondly, because there were a lot of days that we went out to eat. That’s not typical for us to go out but it was something we did as a way to keep my youngest sister, Sophie, occupied so she wouldn’t have much time to feel sad missing our parents. See, this is pretty much the first time in her memory that they’ve been away from her like this and as she’s the youngest in the family so it was hard for her. But don’t get me wrong, I still spent a good amount of time in the kitchen.

I made this curry earlier last week and decided that I should share the recipe because it was just so good. Sometimes my favorite recipes are the ones that are completely spontaneous and unplanned. I think that’s one of my favorite parts of being in the kitchen. I love the challenge of taking whatever ingredients are in the fridge, pantry, and freezer and finding a fun new way to put them together. Sometimes that turns out well and sometimes, um, not so great. Luckily though, this one I’m sharing today was in the former category and I think it’s a new favorite.

Whenever I tell someone that I don’t go by recipes for about 90% of my cooking they always seem to be surprised. I understand though, and I know that for a lot of people it’s better to have a structured plan in mind for what they’re doing, but I guess it’s a bit more challenging to always do that when you cook for a large group. I think that’s when I really started learning to cook by touch rather than recipes, when I started getting comfortable cooking for our whole fam. That’s also when I started to enjoy creating the recipes myself.

But anyway, this curry is so quick and easy. You can use any veggies you’ve got on hand and pretty much anything goes. I used some broccoli, cauliflower, onions, and mushrooms since those are things we almost always have on hand, but there are so many other possibilities. Also, for a vegetarian option you can skip the chicken and add vegetable broth instead of chicken broth. I served this with brown rice but it goes well with any type.


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