Nutella Tiramisu

Sometimes I have moments that I have to wake up and remind myself that, although it does to some extent, the rest of civilized society does not completely revolve around food like it does in my head. Oh, the pain of facing reality.

When I first started blogging my idea of exotic food was probably limited to the familiar things on a take-out menu. Let’s just say that it was much different than it is now. Ever since I started wanting to cook though, I’ve had the urge to make as many foods from as many cultures as possible so I’m constantly surrounding myself with ideas.

You see, life’s all about perspective and from my point of view it seems like everyone is already familiar with famous desserts and dishes from around the world because I am constantly seeing them and reading about them while searching for inspiration. It isn’t until I try making one of them for the first time that I realize there are certain things that are not as common to those of us from small-town USA. Okay, I’m not talking about these kinds of dishes. Not having a clue what Tabouleh is or how to pronounce it is one thing, that I understand, but come on, tiramisu isn’t all that uncommon, right?

Well it is in this house and I’ll admit that I’ve never made or even tasted a traditional Italian Tiramisu, but I’ve wanted to since before I started blogging. I’m happy to say that I can now check it off the list of culinary mysteries yet to try. I also made it from scratch and it really it’s really pretty simple in case, like me, you’ve never made it.

Something else that I have been reminded of lately is the raw egg thing. I have a new friend that is extremely freaked out about the idea of eating a raw egg and it made me remember how that was a common scare where I grew up, and personally, I think it’s a bit of a sheltered view of things. Hello, have you heard of mayo? I am certainly no expert and I do know that there are potential dangers in eating raw eggs if not carefully handled, but I’ve somehow survived doing it my entire life (Shake hands with the world’s biggest cookie dough/cake batter fan, that would be me.) and so has most of the world throughout history.

Speaking of the world, that has been something I’ve discovered in learning about traditional cooking. So many recipes call for raw eggs too. Tiramisu is just one of the many examples and Italians have been serving this up since forever. I think I am just trying to make myself feel better because I have guilt issues if I feel like I am serving someone something that’s dangerous. Rationalizing it is how I deal.

I know there are many recipes for eggless, or cooked egg tiramisu out there but I like trying things in the traditional way and that includes raw eggs sometimes. If you also have concerns about eggs I get that. I’d always recommend buying your eggs fresh and locally from a trusted source (brown eggs are so much prettier), storing them safely, and washing before you use.

This is a really awesome and pretty easy dessert that I hope you still want to try after all of my babble. I added Nutella because that’s me, I tend to want to add everything,so just be thankful I left it there. I made it in glasses because I don’t have pretty dish at this moment but you can do it either way. You just need to make it!


  • Ashley

    haha oh man, I know what you mean. I am alwayssss thinking about food and sometimes I don’t understand how others aren’t!!! This tiramisu sounds delicious!

  • Karishma

    Ah this looks so good! I love tiramisu. Weirdly enough, it’s one of the first desserts I made when I started cooking haha. Kind of random.

    The raw egg thing is weird to me also. Plus everyone eats cookie dough and stuff!

  • Lokness @ The Missing Lokness

    OH DEAR! Please please give me 3 of those glasses now…. I am crazy about tiramisu, but with nutella? I think my head is about to explode. Love the beautiful photos and the glass presentation. Sharing right now and trying it later! 🙂

  • Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary

    My husband is part italian and grew up on traditional tiramisu – it’s still his favorite dessert to this day. But, when I read him your nutella inspired version his ears perked up and he said “oh- make that!!” 🙂 two very big thumbs up from the NSN household. This looks and sounds delish, Tori!! Thanks for sharing and Cheers♡

  • Patty Smith

    Help! I am making your Nutella Tiramisu recipe for a dinner party this weekend, so I decided to give it a test run today. I only made half a recipe, but I didn’t end up with near as filling (less than 1c) as it seems like I should, and the coffee only lasted for four lady fingers. The end result was delicious, but I’m making this for 25 people, so I’m just not sure how to gauge the recipe in order to increase it for what it need.. I would appreciate any suggestions you have as to why I didn’t get the indicated amount of filling.

    • Tori

      Hi Patty, thanks so much for trying this recipe. Please excuse me on the amounts though. I seem to have started writing this out for a half portion of what the recipe makes so it’s no wonder you are confused. The amounts I had previously listed, you’re right, would only yield about a cup and not be enough for as many servings as needed. I have adjusted the recipe amounts now. Please accept my sincere apology Patty and I really hope your tiramisu is a hit!

  • Shannon

    This sounds amazing! I really want to try it out and surprise my so with some because he absolutely loves tiramisu and Nutella, but for religious reasons he doesn’t consume any alcohol. And I mean any. Do you have a suggestion as to what I can swap the Kahlua with?

    • Tori

      Hi, Shannon. I completely understand that and the Kahlua in this recipe is easily left out. You could replace the 3 tablespoons of liquid with additional coffee but I think just the 1/2 cup should be enough. Hope you enjoy it!

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