Peanut Butter Mousse Reese’s Cup Cheesecake Cake

I got a little carried away guys………….

So I know I warned you all a few weeks ago that this time of year means back to back birthdays for my family. Hopefully you’re okay with this and with me posting another cake recipe today so close to last weekend’s cupcakes that were arguably just as decadent as this cake. Although, come on look at this monstrosity of chocolatey, peanut butter goodness and tell me who wouldn’t be okay with it. Like for reals?

Alrighty, but before I get really into describing these layers upon layers of happiness can I just say how terrible I am at making decisions. A fact you can see by my 500000000 photos of this thing. Hey, you’d be impressed with this few if you knew how many I took. In fact, I know I keep saying this, but I really need to stop taking so many pictures so I don’t have to decide. Yeah, I should work on it but sometimes I just can’t help myself whilst evaluating a plate of lovely food, camera in hand.

Liv was just telling me that she read somewhere how they’ve (you know, the infamous ‘they’) taken surveys and proven that people hate to make decisions and would rather not have options than have to decide. Now, I’m not sure how accurate that is but it sounds pretty legit to me.

Oh and that reminds me, I’m talking about all these birthdays and I’ve yet to mention who’s birthday cake this was. I made this for Josh’s b-day last week. Even after me asking him what he wanted me to make him for weeks beforehand, he still didn’t want to decide on anything so all of us girls put our heads together and came up with something we knew he’d like and then I threw in my own tweaks as I was actually making it.

Part of the plan was for me to keep it even easier than usual and use actual brand name Reese’s cups. We’ve seen them here and just never bought them because I feel like it’s cheating or something, but of course, with it being Chile we couldn’t find any when we actually needed them. Therefore, I just made my own for the purpose and found the best short cut to do it too. I did them slab style by spreading melted chocolate in a pan, then the peanut butter filling, then chocolate again, and chilling in between each layer. Then once it was solid I was able to quickly chop it into cubes and now I have to say I’m pretty proud of my own genius. This was a life-changing discovery and now I’m super excited about all the possibilities it holds!

But anyway, since you may not feel like using regular Reese’s is cheating, feel free to do that, but if you do feel like trying what I just said, I used this ancient recipe (ignore the horrible pics please) from my early blogging days.

As for what this is, it’s four different repeating layers of goodness. Firstly, there’s my favorite chocolate cake recipe and I filled it with some leftover java chips I had from these cookies (or you can use regular chocolate chips). Second, is the peanut butter mousse that acts as the frosting between layers and is oh so amazingly fluffy!

Okay, and third you’ve got the actual cheesecake layer, but wait it’s not just plain vanilla bean, you stuff it with big chunks of peanut butter cups! And then after you’ve got all the layers together you top it with a layer of dark chocolate and a huge pile of more peanut butter cups. Tell me you’re not drooling about now!

I’ll admit that it takes a little more time and patience than a basic cake or cheesecake to get it all together, but man is it worth it! It’s also a pretty huge amount of cake so if you’re only making it for a smaller group I’d suggest only doing half the amount and either keeping it at a single layer of cake and cheesecake or baking them in 5 or 6 inch pans.

Basically, I just couldn’t wait to share this one because you’ve got to try it! It’s every Reese’s lover’s dream come true.





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