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Pumpkin Pie French Toast with Kahlúa Vanilla Syrup

Hey again, how were your weekends guys?

Mine was pretty busy, but in a good way. Lots of cooking, obviously, because I don’t know what to do with myself otherwise. I also spent some time over this weekend doing some miscellaneous Spring cleaning things like organizing my spice cabinet. I’ve told you how they sell the spices here in these individual little pouches that are only enough to make you mad, right? It really kind of makes me crazy until I have the chance to organize like I just did. Then there was that other thing ………you know, what I mentioned Friday about my first (eh hem…….) date? Yeah, so you can probably imagine that it was a pretty big weekend for me, but you know how little I like to be the subject of conversation so, um…… Hey look, -> I made French toast!!!!!

I have to admit that I’m a little bit sad, and even kind of surprised at myself for how much I seem to be losing my ability for faking that the seasons here aren’t backwards. Big sad face. I knew it was inevitable when we moved to the opposite hemisphere, that I’d end up eventually having to accept this unfortunate reality, but I thought it would take longer for me to feel this disconnected from the season that I’m used to being in right now. It’s mostly all the fresh distractions going in my life I guess that keep increasing. The past few years I had way more time to spend soaking up nostalgic scary movies and browsing the internet for every Fall flavored recipe I could find. Plus, there’s the fact that it’s not really autumn time here, hmmmm, that could have something to do with my lack of inspiration. Haha, yes it’s definitely getting harder to fake it.

I’m not giving up yet though, because an October without pumpkin pie spice is something I refuse to do. No way. I mean, there is probably an endless amount of holidays and the traditional foods to go with them that I would have no problem skipping completely. Harvest time though, uh uh, it’s was my favorite growing up because of all its various traditions. Maybe I’m not feeling the nostalgia very much right now, but I’m strongly hoping it’s just being stored away for an epic reappearance later on.

Oh hey, speaking of classic things and growing up, I have to tell you something that is still blowing my mind. (Please excuse my ADHD here. Haha, I’ll look into getting professional help later or something.) I had an earth-shattering realization the other day, Diego (our house guest from Venezuela), he’s never heard of s’mores!!!!! And, AND, he’s among a few people that have given me Bambi stairs recently at the mention of campfire’s favorite dessert. I really just can’t even…. Clearly I’m aware that I’m a gringa but is my view of the world really that sheltered? Sorry, this tangent of irrelevant info is over. I was just preparing you all for the fact that some form of s’mores recipe will be coming your way soon. I’m now on a mission, no a crusade, to enlighten every corner of the world that’s still being deprived about the existence of the s’more! Oh, and possibly cookie dough because that seems to be seriously lacking too.

Back to French toast though, which by the way is something else Diego had never tried and has been loving every time I’ve made it for him. It’s like sharing bits of sunshine. Anyway, this recipe is pretty incredible if I do say so myself. I’m not gonna lie, I never thought I’d find any other way to make French toast that competed with the classic, but I was wrong. Liv and I used to have some pretty technical debates for our age about which was better, pancakes or French toast. Personally, I’ll always play for team French toast but she is a pancake girl so I sort of came to think of French toast as my thing. I like it the way my daddy made it for us the entire time I was growing up and that’s probably why I haven’t messed very much with fixing what isn’t broken. On occasion though, I have had the urge to test a new version and this was one of those times.

Something else I was wrong about was how I feel about doing it. I thought I’d feel guilty as if I was cheating on my beloved, but instead it’s more like I’m just upgrading what is already amazing to something only slightly more amazing. I mean, you’ve still got all the cinnamon and toasty goodness going on, but you’ve also got the flavor of a festive pumpkin pie at the same time. Now that’s my idea of a perfect breakfast. Not to mention that it’s super fast and easy, every bit as much as the regular kind. Come on, you know you’re dying to taste so you’ve gotta do it!

P.S. Don’t let me forget about my s’mores plans!



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