Raspberry Cheesecake Puff Pastry Danishes

Do you ever start a project, get interrupted, and then forget about it.


Well I do. I seem to do that a lot actually. Part of it is that I’m always thinking ahead of what I want to make for the blog next and bouncing inspiration around my head. The internet doesn’t help either with the 5 gabillion possible distractions.


In case you haven’t noticed it can be very stimulating. I mean, who hasn’t gotten lost in pinterest or been caught procrastinating life through stumbleupon? It happens, admit it. Plus, try as I might, I’m not the most organized person in the world. I should really work on that.


I got in one of my moods about a week ago and decided to make puff pastry. I put all the time into it, did all of the folds right, felt pretty proud of myself for a minute or two, and then I put it up for later. Of course then a volcano erupted, basically in my back yard, and I forgot all about it for a whole week. I know, how can you forget about puff pastry!


This is yet another thing to add to the list of excuses I’ve blamed on said volcano. That’s pretty lame isn’t it? Hey, most people have gone and will go their entire live without ever seeing that and I may never see it again. I feel like I should milk it for what it’s worth, you know?


Anyway, I did finally remember it and of course got super excited when I did. I’ve never actually looked specifically for it, but I’m pretty sure you can’t ready to go puff pastry sheets here, so making it at home is the only way I can get it. I really like making it though and I want to show you guys how eventually….but I’m going to play the volcano excuse again and admit that I haven’t caught up with stuff yet.


And it’s full on autumn now which means rain, like a lot of it. Rain = sucky photography lighting. The weather flipped a switch or something and I’ve been freezing all week. Clearly it’s time to pull out the fuzzy pants. I have a slight addiction to fluffy pajamas in case I’ve never mentioned that.


So, I’ve written the recipe as using puff pastry sheets but I totally think you should try making it yourself. However, I know that it’s a little intimidating and I’ve only done it a few times so I’m being too lazy I don’t feel qualified to actually show you how to do it today. I totally get just buying it and store-bought puff pastry is usually pretty good quality anyway. If you do feel like trying to make it though, there are a bunch of really good tutorials out there and maybe after I get it down I’ll do my own.


Now that I’ve finished making a ton of excuses I will finally shut up and let you make this recipe that is super easy once you have ready puff pastry.


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