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Red Borscht Soup with Beet Gnocchi

Hey everyone, how goes your week so far?

Mine has been pretty good, but pretty average. Although, something that I did do different this week was organize the pantry, spice cabinets, and refill all of my spice jars. You have to do it that way here because they sell all of their spices in these little bags that have like 2 teaspoons worth inside. It’s super annoying but I think I’ve finally gotten used to it and now I’m a pro at refilling spice jars.

The reason I got into organize mode was the necessity to find space in the kitchen for some new prop items that I got this week. You guys, I‘ve become a very un-materialistic type of person over the last few years. I’m sure some of you can relate here. I mean, if you’ve ever made multiple moves in a row then you probably know that it’s so much easier if you aren’t attached to items and stuff that is hard to move and will potentially just get lost. Yep, I’m hardly attached to anything anymore and I think I’m happier because of it.

On the other side of the spectrum though, I have discovered how much less stressful and more fun it is to take food pictures when you have some pretty items to work with. It’s amazing the difference that a single item in the background can make for the overall mood of a picture. That means that I have a growing collection of useless knick-knacks and a strange relationship to them because I love them but I don’t want to love them too much. It doesn’t really make sense but that’s the way it is.

Anyway, I know, two beet recipes in the same week might seem like too much for some people. I hope that you don’t feel that way because this soup deserves a chance. I know it’s very, very red and probably won’t be overly tempting to the picky eaters in your ranks but if they can get passed that I think they’d love it.

This recipe is a spin on two of my sisters’ favorite Ukrainian recipe, borsht. I made it with gnocchi to change it up a little. Ironically, it was my other two sisters that ended up loving it that way. Jen and Lela are purists when it comes to food so they prefer it the way I usually make it, but Liv and Sophie are both really big fans of carbs so they were all over the fact that I added fat little dumplings to a veggie soup.

I pretty much just described my everyday challenge of making things to please everyone right there. I wouldn’t change it though. Actually, it would probably get boring if Brock and Sophie stopped complaining everyday and the boys decided they liked veggies. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be nice, but it would be weird.

I think that’s where I’ll stop because I have a bunch more things to move around and it’s bugging me so I’m gonna go do that, but you should try this soup. Really, if you are looking for a great way to use beets then you found it!


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