Roasted Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chilaquiles


That is both my word of the day and the best way I could think of describing this recipe to everyone who said what did you call me? when I offered them chilaquiles. Because chilaquiles (chee-la-kee-lays) are basically the love child of nachos and enchiladas, plus eggs. Ergo, I called them enchiladafied nachos.

I love trying new things and I love it even more when those things turn out this good. I’ve wanted to make these since I first heard of them on, don’t judge, Gilmore Girls. There is this part where one of the characters working in a diner keeps shouting chilaquiles and it just sounded so fun to say. I think it’s been stuck somewhere in my head ever since. I know, why can’t more useful things stick instead, like fluent Spanish for instance? That would be lovely, but nope, I get movie quotes stuck in there. Nice.

Anyway, don’t you want to just dive into these? I threw in sweet potatoes because it just sounded good and, to my disbelief, even my teen brother was in love with these and he has always been a sworn sweet potato hater. He said “Duh,you had me at nacho!”  Of course, he thought it would be better with meat (which is what he says about everything) but he loved them anyway.

After I made it I realized that it reminds me so much of a tortilla casserole that I used to love when I was younger. That’s totally what it is, only I think it’s better.

So, this is the type of recipe that can be adjusted to how simple you want it to be. For example, I used homemade tortillas, cut them into chips, and baked the until they were crispy. Well actually it was kind of funny. I started with frying them until I got bored and decided to throw them into the already hot oven with the sweet potatoes, then I ran out of chips when putting everything together and had to sub some corn tortilla chips from the pantry. The final thing was about one third each of homemade fried chips, homemade baked chips, and store-bought corn chips. The point here is that they all would work.

Also, you can short-cut and use canned enchilada sauce instead of the quickie version I made, and if you agree with my brother you could  drop the vegetarian label and carnivore this up with some meat. However simple you want to make this, it is definitely worth making. Oh, and you have to top it with chevre and extra cilantro!




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