Rosewater and Pistachio Cream Crepe Cake

Who’s ready for the weekend?

Do you already have some delicious food planned for any mommas in your life next weekend?……..because I was kind of hoping you’d say no and this will be the perfect fit for what you need! Crepe cake = where it’s at you guys!

Can you believe that this was the first time I’ve ever tried a crepe cake! I know, what’s up with that? I’ve been wanting to try one for the longest time and when my mom found rosewater locally I had crepes pop into my mind and I instantly knew. I knew that was what I wanted to do as one of my recipes for Spring time and mommy day!

I have to say though, I feel like I’ve been striking out a lot more than usual in the new recipe department recently. I mean for every success it seems like I’ve had a fail, but maybe it comes down to the fact that I’ve been trying a lot of completely new things. As far as just my everyday cooking though, I’ve been making some of my family’s favorite foods back to back and they have all been huge hits.

Like last weekend was a triple birthday among my homies and I ended up making a full take-out style Chinese food dinner that included frying general Tso’s chicken in my new(ish) deep fryer. Then I made beef stroganoff, then homemade taquitos, then a new rice dish for Liv’s birthday that I’m definitely planning to share, and then a whole enchilada Mexican dinner. It was just weekend packed with food and I didn’t even get into telling you about the desserts. Although, I’m also planning to share the recipe for Liv’s b-day dessert on the blog but it’s a surprise so I can’t tell yet. The point is that I’m not losing confidence in my ability to make good food or anything, but I do hate when my new ideas don’t pan out like I plan.

Here’s the deal, if you’ve never tried it, rosewater is one of those distinct flavors of the world that you have to appreciate or you won’t enjoy it. It’s one of those tastes that you either hate it or love it, but in all fairness you could say the same about a lot of beloved flavors like coffee or onions. I’m not gonna lie to you guys though, not everyone in my family likes the taste of rosewater (try zero). In fact, there may have been a few mentions of old ladies and funerals (I can always trust my family for their brutal honesty). On the other hand, no one hates it, but it’s just not a flavor they want to eat. I’m weird and kind of like it but I do see how some people might not like feeling confused as to whether their eating food or beauty products. It’s just a preference thing really.

Clearly I’m not very good at selling you guys on trying new ingredients today, but you know what, I don’t feel the need to in this case because I’m not responsible for rose water tasting like, well yeah, roses and for everyone who does like it they’ll love this too. Okay, so maybe if we were talking about an ingredient that I was fanatical about I’d be trying a bit harder to convince you, but I really want you guys to like this even if you don’t like rosewater so I wanted to make sure and let you know that you can leave it out.

Obviously the name wouldn’t have the same lovely ring to it that “rosewater crepe cake” has, but there are all kinds of things you could replace it with like orange blossom water (another ingredient you’ll be seeing soon) or just about any extract (almond would be yum!) OR you could do the obvious right thing and add chocolate of course! K, also you can switch out the pistachios for a different nut if you want, but personally I’ve been having a huge moment with pistachios and I can’t imagine wanting to ditch them unless of course you don’t have them.


Finally, for anyone still here that I didn’t scare away yet, I’ll bottom line this whole thing; Make sure that you are into the taste of rosewater before you make this. If you do then you’ve gotta try it, and if you’re not then you still have to but you can nix the rosewater. Got it? Okay, awesome! Now you need to plan a garden party or brunch or something to go with it!





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