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Salted Caramel Marshmallow S’mores

Hey again! How’s it going?

So does anyone remember me talking about s’mores recently? Well I finally got around to making them and I threw in a little variation from the typical 3-ingredient treat! That’s right, I made salted caramel marshmallows and I can’t wait for you to try them!

The reason I mentioned s’mores recently was because I had been explaining how shocked I was to find out that I have some close friends who had never even heard of, much less tasted, one!!! Isn’t that crazy? It sort of rocked my world realizing that the rest of the globe, outside the little culture bubble I was raised in, has no idea what they’re missing, you know?

I mean, s’mores are just supposed to be part of growing up, a rite of passage, and that’s what I was saying the other day. I told you how I decided I’d have to do something to acquaint the planet with them, remember? Okay, so yes it could take a while doing it this way, but hey, at least it’s a start. Haha, I’m open to suggestions or companions to further my crusade, wanna help?????

I’m going to pick on Diego, our friend and house guest, for a second. He sort of has a list going of all his favorite things I’ve made since he’s been staying with us. Anyway, when he tried these he said that they ranked up near the very top of the list right next to some of the crazy chocolate-loaded sweets that I’ve also made recently. If you knew his chocolate addiction you’d understand how much that says about these s’mores when they aren’t even 100% chocolate. It says that they really are all that.

I know that for some people the simplicity of a s’more is part of its appeal, but I still have to tell you, making the grahams yourself is totally worth it. It’s also a fun recipe to do with the kiddos if you want, oh, and you can use cookie cutters to cut out whatever shapes you’d like. Seasonal shapes to match the current holiday would be fun and then you can cut your mallows with the same shaped cutter so you’ll have some festive s’mores for your latest occasion. On the other hand, if you’re short on time you could definitely just choose to make either the grahams or the mallows and then use your favorite brand of the other. That way you can still enjoy a homemade touch and impress the guests but also cut the work in half. I get it, life is busy.

One more thing, because these marshmallows are homemade and also because they’re caramel, they don’t hold up for toasting over a fire quite the same as your store-bought varieties, so that’s why you’ll probably want to make these in your oven. If you do want to roast some over a campfire I’d suggest using something to warm the crackers and melt the chocolate over the fire and then just barely heat the mallows before putting the s’mores together. Okay, so I think that’s about it though. I really hope you love them and have a great week, guys!




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