Smooth & Creamy Strawberry Rhubarb Meringue Pie

Confession……..making this recipe was literally my first run-in with rhubarb.

I’ll be honest with you, until making this pie, rhubarb has always been on my mental list that includes things like meatloaf, chicken liver, and calamari. Things you should never mess with unless you’re on the Food Network. Basically, foods that any self-respecting food blogger knows to stay away from.

Maybe that’s just me, but you see, I didn’t grow up eating rhubarb pie made by a grandmother or anything and I’m pretty sure the only time I’ve even tasted it was raw, straight out of a stranger’s garden. Let’s just say I had little confidence in cooking with it.

The good news? I was so pleasantly surprised at how this turned out. So I did stay on the safe side of things by making this a smooth pie rather than deal with the texture of rhubarb pieces in a traditional style pie. Also, am I the only one who’s been noticing rhubarb having a major moment right now? Seriously, it’s been everywhere recently.

I do have to tell you that this recipe took about three times as many tests as my usual recipes. I think I literally made it about six times before I felt like it was ready to be shared. Well, here’s the thing, I kept ending up with either a runny filling or a dead meringue. It’s all in the details really. Once I finally figured out the right order of steps to follow it turned out perfect. The funny thing was that I kept running out of rhubarb. That’s why I even tested a few versions using other fruits instead. Surprisingly, the original one with the strawberries and rhubarb was voted best by the fam.

The way the rhubarb actually added to the deliciousness of this pie even impressed me. I also can’t help imagining how perfect this would be for Mother’s Day or any other events during this Spring or Summer!

A quick note on the recipe: I’d recommend for this recipe just to be sure to read through the steps before starting so you can avoid making all the (many) mistakes I kept making. 😉 (over and over and over, haha)


Recipe Coming Soon, sorry for the inconvenience.


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