Sour Cream & Lemon Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

I have a confession, my last dentist appointment prior to last week was a very long time ago. Actually, I haven’t really needed anything done since I had my braces removed (and I won’t even admit how long ago that was). My mom recently needed some dental attention but we hadn’t needed to find a good dentist until now so she had to do some searching. She ended up finding a really nice office that she’s been going to and she’s been offering to take me if there was anything I needed done. My initial reply was to tell her thanks, but no thanks, my teeth are perfect……

I think the power of suggestion is greatly underrated guys ’cause ever since then it’s like this mental alarm has been going off and I started feeling like my teeth were daily deteriorating and being layered with plaque. After a week or two of paying like ten times more attention to my teeth than usual I decided that I should probably visit a dentist at some point. So I went in for just a regular cleaning and the dentist who saw me was so nice, I loved her. She did a few routine checks and x-rays and mentioned that “my people” (referring to those of European descent), have bad teeth, especially Germans. No surprise there, I’m sure a huge percentage of her patients are German because there are so many in this area, and it’s also pretty common knowledge that the British are known for their lack of fortune in dental genetics? Anyway though, she then proceeded to tell me that I had not one, but four!, small cavities to the utter shame of my teeth-brushing ego. Since then I’ve been kind of obsessed with personal dental care and I’m now determined to be a diligent brusher/flosser for the rest of my life.

Okay, dental care babble aside, the point here was to be telling you about this cake but I’m not sure the first half of this post was a very wise thing to mention before trying to encourage you to make a sugar filled baked good. Ha, I’m being reminded of the oxymoron of my old orthodontist office offering freshly baked cookies in the waiting room and thinking how conspicuous it looked to their business. Hey, I’m not in any way associated with the healthcare community or advertising for your local dentist, promise. I’m just a little preoccupied thinking about how irritated I am at myself about those little “decays” as my Spanish-speaking dentist called them in her best English.

So it seems like I’ve been doing a lot of Mexican stuff with Cinco de Mayo in mind lately and yet I’m completely ignoring the fact that Mother’s day is right around the corner too. Not that this is necessarily a Mother’s Day recipe but I can’t imagine any mother being disappointed if you made this for them. I mean, it’s not only infused with all the goodness of freshly zested lemons, but it’s also filled and covered with chocolate. Need I say more? As far as I’m concerned that seals the deal right there.

True to so many pound cake recipes I’ve experimented with before, the few times I made this it was still molten in the center. Some people are into that but as I wanted this to work for you guys I kept adapting it and trying things until my fourth attempt came out perfectly done, yay! Okay, but if you’ve had the same problem with loaf breads and cakes too you can bake this into muffins instead which will also cut your bake time in half.

Alright, other than that, what else do you really need to say about a classic pound cake like this other than you just need to be eating it as soon as humanly possible!




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