Spring Bunny Tracks Confetti Blondies

You guys, you guys, Spring is heeeeeeere!

I know I’m excited, and I hope you are too. As you guy probably already know, my favorite way to celebrate any season is with something edible (and preferably colorful, oh, OH and sweeeeeeeet!)

So we’re just gonna pretend that this recipe isn’t my favorite blondies recipe simply stuffed with Easter candy and given a new name, ok? Cool, it’s a plan. Also, did you know that Cadbury mini eggs came in white chocolate, ’cause I certainly didn’t?

I had them on my list for this recipe when I was grocery shopping the other day so I grabbed a bag of what I thought were the only kind of “Cadbury mini Eggs” that they made. How was I supposed to know they had options? Clearly I missed the following part that said “white eggs”.



It wasn’t until I started making this recipe that I figured out this little detail, but by then it was a bit irrelevant because that’s all I had. Luckily, they turned out pretty good when thrown in with the dark chocolate, m&m’s, and peanut butter cups to balance them out. Not gonna lie though, they aren’t my favorite on their own. The originals are way better. I actually love white chocolate, but these candy covered white chocolate eggs, they’re just a little too sweet to munch on by themselves.


More on topic though, these blondies you guys! I know, they’re really not that original of an idea, but sometimes I find myself asking “What’s wrong with a surefire classic?” Call me basic if you want, and I don’t know, maybe it’s the childhood nostalgia that Easter always brings or the excitement of smelling freshly cut grass for the first time in the season, but I just like simple sometimes.

I also love that the ease of quickly pressing a favorite cookie dough into a pan and baking blondies and thick, soft texture is another highlight.  According to my brothers this is a one of the most highly addictive combinations I’ve made yet, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Okay, so until the next recipe……



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