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Streusel Crumb Topped Classic Pumpkin Pie

I realized something recently that I’d never really thought about before; my family really loves pie.

I mean, I’ve always known that they liked it of course because every holiday season there has to be pie on the dessert menu and it usually disappears pretty fast. Okay, so maybe this is completely naive of me to have thought this, but I always figured that its appeal was more about the tradition and novelty than the actual pie. Yeah, that was pretty silly of me to think that I guess.

Anyway, my mom sort of has this thing for apple pie (it’s a big thing), and she asked me if I felt like making one a few weekends ago when we were having some friends over. I told her I loved the idea of pie for a change because the truth is that I really hadn’t done many pies before, so I made apple pie for her. I also made a few other pies to give variety and, I’m not even joking, every piece was eaten before the night was over. It pretty much blew my mind just because I didn’t realize the power of pie with this crowd. Since that night I’ve tried to make pies for dessert every chance I can when we have the same friends over and they’ve continued to be a hit.

Where I’m going with this is that pies are becoming more and more of a regular thing around here and I was wondering if I’m not the only one who’s ever underestimated them. Well that, and I was also trying to decide how I feel about making pumpkin pie this early in the season, does it seem too soon since it’s only October? That’s another mentality I’ve always had stuck in my head and I think it’s probably a misconception. For some reason I’ve always considered pumpkin pie as solely tied in with Thanksgiving and occasionally acceptable up until Christmas. Now that we live outside the States though, it gives a whole different perspective to this.

Oh, speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m already starting to make plans and get excited even though it’s still pretty far off. Some of you are probably like “Can we please just get passed Halloween before we have to think about all that?” and if that’s the case then just ignore my thinking ahead, but for those who are as excited as I am about the holidays I have to quickly mention how much I’m freaking out a little. In both a good way and a bad. Good, because we are for sure going to have a big group this year, and bad because, we are going to have a BIG group this year!  I’ve explained the last few years that even though we don’t live in the US any more my crazy family still likes to do Thanksgiving. Haha, we’re weirdos, yes, but at least we know it. I just want everything to be perfect  this year since we’ll be inviting some friends that have never celebrated a turkey day. It’s kind of unreasonable I guess but I can’t help it, I love traditions!

Alright, I should probably say something about this recipe before I’m done here, shouldn’t I? I know everyone and their Great Aunt Ruth have a recipe for pumpkin pie, but ask yourself, can you really have too many pumpkin pies???? I’m gonna go with not. This pie sways a little bit away from the basic by including the perfect amount of streusel crumb on top simply to dress it up and add that little bit of extra yum! I know I’ve got a problem with not being able to leave plain and safe things alone, but I can’t help it. Hey,  just trust me on this, once you try the streusel you’ll be totally sold even if you’re a devout purist in the pumpkin pie department. It’s that good!

I was really happy with this version and even with the added step of making the topping, it’s still a very easy pie to make and doesn’t require any special tools or ingredients. It’s a pie that I hope you’ll love enough to include in many future holiday menus and want to share with your friends and family!




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