Super Moist Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Bunny Cake


Okay, I know, I know…………. moist is not the greatest adjective there is…….but can we all agree it’s really hard to find a replacement for it in situations like this when describing a cake.

So I have a little secret to tell you guys. I’ve been playing with video this week! Honestly, I’ve been putting it off because, knowing myself around photography alone, I’ve always known I’d be super obsessive about perfecting it and video editing takes at least three times as long as photos. Well, I was right about the perfectionism thing but what I didn’t realize is how much fun I’d have with all the possibilities for editing and creative filming. Especially now that I’ve gotten more familiar with it and I’m finally getting passed the learning curve. So I can’t give exact dates for when I’ll start sharing them but I am in the process and I’ve caught the video bug so it’s only a matter of time.

Not sure if I’ll start doing them just a few times a month or possibly making them weekly or even a few times a week. I guess it depends on if I can speed up my workflow. Speaking of workflow, that’s something I get asked about a lot so let me know, you guys, would you like me to also include videos of behind the scenes sometimes? I’m about to create some new backdrops for my setups and I was thinking you might like to see that.


But now let’s talk about this super, errrr, moist (for lack of a better word) cake. So my parents happened to be going to dinner at my aunt and uncle’s the day I made this and I was happy to send it along. I was even happier when I heard how well received it was. My younger sister told me she ate almost 3 slices. and while this sister can definitely eat what she wants (read squirrel metabolism), cake isn’t typically her choice so that’s really saying something that she liked it so much.

I’ve worked with malt in baking before many times and if you have also you might know that it’s very tricky to include it without drying out the final product. Cookies, brownies, and muffins I’ve used it in have all turned out like rocks in the past.

The malted milk balls (whoppers/maltesers) are also difficult to work with because, if baked, the balls tend to get candied and very hard. While some people might like a the chewy toffee-like texture they get, my younger brothers hate getting it stuck in teeth and I personally am not a fan either. That’s why for this recipe I realized they needed to remain a topping and instead adding them to the cake I used mini chocolate chips because you can never go wrong there.

Okay, and here’s where I tell you the secret to why the cake is so….soft………it was the sour cream. Yeah, it’s not that unusual. I’ve actually used sour cream in many cakes before, but I don’t know, something about this combination turned out epic. Sort of like a chocolate malt milkshake in a cake form. I’ve already promised to make it again very soon. Hey it would be a great recipe to make about a week after Easter to use up all the extra candy, right?

I hope you get the chance to try it out either now or later and I also hope you enjoy your Easter weekend!

Recipe Coming Soon, sorry for the inconvenience.



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