Throwback!: Homemade Dunkaroos (Cookies + Frosting Dip)

How about a little throwback for today?

I was feeling a bit nostalgic all week long and I thought some of you might understand. Plus, it’s Friday and I wanted to share something extra fun this weekend and then I thought of dunkaroos and there was just no other option, they had to happen!

Do you guys remember moon shoes and wonder balls? Oh, or betty spaghetti? Ah, the innocent days of Disney channel Xenon marathons and warhead battles in footy jammies, how I miss them sometimes. I’ve never given it much thought, but it’s kind of cool that my generation was born around the turn of the century. I mean, I only experienced a few years of the 90’s but it was plenty for me to feel like I got the full experience. It’s weird to think about the fact that I have younger siblings who never even saw the last century. Wow, that makes me feel old.

Whenever my siblings and I hear our parents mentioning the things that were popular in their childhood that seem so ancient to us we joke about how our kids are going to look at things like vhs tapes and gameboys and think the same thing about us. I can imagine it now, “Mom, you mean you actually had to put a dvd in every time you wanted to watch a movie?”  or “How did you survive without wi-fi?” 

You kind of had to be there to get some of those things, but at least tell me you these! Dunkaroos were one of those foods that my mom didn’t usually stock our pantry with, and looking back now I can see her wisdom, but as reverse psychology goes that bumped them to the top of the most desirable list. I remember eating them at friend’s houses a few times  or maybe trading lunches at school. But what they really remind me of are the days at my grandparents house because I’m pretty sure my Nonnie made it a point to never let her pantry run out of them for us grandkids. They were just one of the foods that seemed so exciting at the time. In all fairness to my mom though, I think a box of saltines would have even been more exciting in Nonnie’s cupboard merely for being there.

I always wondered why they stopped making this favorite snack of my generation. We’ve speculated that it probably had to do with the lack of nutritional value, but if that is the reason I think someone should seriously take the hand of the guy in charge and lead them down the grocery aisles pointing out everything from fruity pebbles to snackables. Hello, clearly there are worse options here.

I tend to be a little bit on the fence sometimes when it comes to a perfectly balanced food pyramid, but I think everyone needs to taste this classic snack at least once in their life. Also, making them at home means they taste so much better than even my memory of the real thing. They are also a really simple and fun thing to make with the kiddos and you can do any shaped cookies that you want. I kind of thought the elephants were 100% adorables but I’m sure if you wanted you could hunt down a kangaroo shaped cookie cutter online to make them as close to the original as possible. I also used homemade sprinkles so these were completely from scratch, but of course any sprinkles will work.

What do you say, don’t the kids of the 21st century deserve this experience? I say bring on the dunkaroos!

(p.s. I always felt they were skimping a little on the frosting to cookie ratio in those little packages, but guess what, making them yourself gives you the power to correct this injustice!!…….)




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