Waffled Brownie Hot Fudge Moose Track Ice Cream Sandwiches

Yes! It’s Friday again you guys!

Sometimes after a great week or a slow one I can be in the mood to make something really healthy and sensible………but um, then there are the weeks that you just NEED chocolate by the end of it. For example, I’m just gonna make the call on your behalf here, I’m thinking your Friday needs this, am I right? Am I right?……..I think I’m right.

I’m getting so ready for the holiday season that’s not far around the corner. Ha, I’ve only said about a million and twelve times how much I love the last three months of the year so I want get into that (right now anyway), but it’s got me thinking about how I want to embrace these last few weeks of summer recipe time. (Clearly I realize that my seasons are opposite here in Chile so it’s actually winter for me, but recipe wise my mind is still set to the seasons of where I grew up and where most of you, my amazing readers, are from.) If you ask me, nothing says “Let’s end summer with a bang” more than ice cream. Better yet, ice cream sandwiches Yo!

Before I explain to you the reasons why you have to try these, I have to tell you a really crazy thing that happened this week. My parents made a long drive out of the area on Wednesday to meet some close friends for lunch. I didn’t go (#loserfacehomebody) because I was in the middle of some projects but I sent some sugar-free cookies for them to give to these friends because they’re diabetic. Okay, so they parked in the mall garage and didn’t realize that they’d left a stack of 3 cookie containers, two nice ipods, and some spare toll money change visible in the front seat. When they came back to the car someone had robbed them! But wait, get this, the thief had only taken one of the cookie containers and the spare change, leaving everything else in the car untouched, isn’t that really surprising?

They came home and told me and my initial reaction was like “Aw, how nice!” Obviously it’s awful that this person stole something but the fact that they took so little implies that they were really in need and considerate enough to only take a bare minimum. It’s a very strange dilemma of morals here, not sure where I stand. Mom said if they’d asked she’d have given them more.

Sorry for the sidenote, all right ice cream sandwiches! Has anyone else ever thought how “Moose tracks” is a funny name when you consider it? I asked Chase about this the day I was making these; “If the Reese’s are the hoof-prints what does that make the fudge swirl?” He replied “Ugh, TORI, I’m eating!” around a mouthful of brownie waffle. Come on, it’s a valid question though don’t you think? Sorry, maybe that’s TMI, nevermind.

But honestly who cares because moose tracks (however thoughtlessly named) is one of time’s greatest classics in the ice cream flavor realm! It’s also one of my personal favorites. I’ve seen some brands who make theirs with a chocolate ice cream base and some with vanilla, but I’d go vanilla if given the choice. Vanilla ice cream, Reese’s chunks, and lots of fudge swirls=the perfect moose tracks!

Most of you, I’m guessing, could easily pick up a carton of your favorite brand’s moose tracks at the store for this recipe, but since Chile can be a bit limited on this type of thing, I can’t. When we want moose tracks I have to make it. When I do, I usually add the fudge to the icecream itself to get it all swirly, but for these sammies I decided to make it more of a hot fudge kind of deal and slather it onto the sandwiches right before serving, YES! Basically, it’s all warm, melty, and delicious like an on-the-go brownie sundae! Come on, who could resist that?



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