White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake

Have I been procrastinating the writing of this post to “accidentally” get lost in making travel plans for next week? Come on, of course not, because no one does that. 😉

So maybe I’m a little bit guilty, but you know, sometimes life happens. Also, I did notice the fact that this post is going to be back to back on the sweet recipes I’ve shared, but hey, it’s Friyay and YOLO right?

Speaking of the weekend, do you have any exciting plans? I’m not planning anything too special myself, just enjoying the Spring weather that finally decided to arrive in a big way up here. We’ve all been joking about it actually because it seems as if the temperatures did a total 360 and jumped right from cold to nearly hot without a transition phase and now there’s a lot of complaining about how hot it is. Lol, now that’s human nature for ya.

I’ll probably spend most of my weekend doing the usual, creating recipes and working on blog stuff, but on top of that I’m also starting to do some early packing for next week’s traveling. Don’t get ahead of yourself thinking that I’m all on top of things though, ’cause I’ll still probably end up leaving the actual packing to last minute (i.e. midnight the night before.)

I’m also hoping to get out and take in some good old vitamin D because, to be honest, ya girl has been seriously lacking it through the cold months. Not that I can tan or anything, my cursed English skin simply jumps from white to red with no shades in between that even approach the color spectrum of browns, but still -> health.

Sorry, I’d say that’s about enough rambling though, let me tell you about this cheesecake. It’s basically an explosion of white and milk chocolate with lots of creamy peanut butter. It starts with a peanut butter cookie crumb base, then theres a classic cheesecake layer filled with mini peanut butter cups. Then there’s a layer of what I can only describe as like a no-bake peanut butter and white chocolate cheesecake mousse. As for the toppings, I left that open for your creativity. You can see by the photos that I got a bit carried away, but that’s what happens when I started exploring my options. I’m super indecisive so it’s a wonder I ever make any decisions at all.

I topped mine with a combination of melted white chocolate and some milk chocolate that I melted with peanut butter. Then I sprinkled on some chocolate chips and pieces of peanut butter cups. Yes, if we’re being technical they were Reese’s eggs from Easter. What can I say, someone in my house bought all the clearance Easter candy and, I know I should fire myself as a food blogger for this, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Hey, Easter was less than a month ago so I feel like it’s semi-acceptable. No one’s been eating the white chocolate ones, okay? See, I was preventing food waste.

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