Zucchini Brown Rice Arancini (Italian Risotto Balls)

Here’s the way I’d put it………this is what fried rice is supposed to be.

When I made these the over a week ago now we decided the Chinese food industry of America got it all wrong. Now the Italians, they know what they’re doing. I know, these have a fancy name that you may or may not be able to pronounce and they don’t immedieately announce what secrets are hiding inside that crispy golden exterior of yumminess, but…just wow. By the way, the pronunciation is Italian but when said in the lazy American tongue without rolling the it would sound something like (are-on-cheeny). Here’s how to say it properly if you care to know.

I’ve been in a savory mood this week, which is unusual for me. Normally I’m racking my brain for savory ideas and trying to control my need to bake cake 24/7. It must be because we’re in that awkward hole between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Yeah, I know Chile doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, thank you. No, but we still do as a family and this will be our third time hosting our Thanksgiving here and defying physical borders. We can be just as thankful (if not more) in South America for our blessings as we were during all the years we lived in the States.

Remember a few weekends ago when I told you I had to make a bunch of appetizers for a party. Well, this was one of the new things I tried for it and I’m so excited to finally share them with you. The best part for me was watching everyone take their first bite of these creamy wonders. I was also happy to have these to take to said party as a vegetarian option for those who prefer not to eat meat because most of the other snacks I made were stuffed with some kind of pork, or at least chicken.

So, maybe they are more common where you live, but somehow I’d never heard of these until I fell into reading food blogs. I think they’ve changed my perspective on fried foods forever. I say tater tots, shmater snots, arancini is where it’s at people! Just imagine you’re favorite bowl of warm and creamy risotto. Okay, now picture it wrapped in a delicious coating of crispy, salty breadrumbs and filled with spots of melty mozzarella cheese. Heavenly perfection right there. 

These kind of feel more like a summer type snack to me but that’s probably because it’s getting really close to summer here and, try as I might, I can’t competely ignore it and pretend it’s Autumn.  However, I garauntee that these would be a smash hit at any holiday event. Can you spell best party bite EVER!

Really though, you’ve gotta try them. I know the risotto takes a little extra time, and even a bit longer with the brown rice, but if anything was ever worth a little extra TLC, these are. So have you started making any early holiday plans for this year?



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