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Living in Chile – Llifen

I’m not feeling very verbose today. Actually, I’m feeling more retrospective. I seem to always talk myself out of posting pictures of things other than my recipes, deciding that it would be boring to you guys.  It’s just so much easier to talk about food and recipes than it is to put personal stuff out there, you know what I mean? Today I’m feeling like that’s being unfair though, because when I did a post recently on living here in Chile, I had so many of you tell me how much you enjoyed seeing pictures of where I live and my life. So today I thought I would be a slacker and just share some of my favorite pictures of the past year in and around the little town of Llifen instead of a recipe. I hope that’s okay with you guys and not too boring. It is such an amazing place with so much diversity that the pictures are a little random.


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