Around the World in About 80 Minutes: Exploring Epcot

Hey everyone, how are you today?

I’m pretty good. I’m missing Florida just a little bit but I’m excited to be in North Idaho right now.

So after spending multiple days visiting the different Disney parks here in Orlando I realized I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite.

However, if I HAD to pick one I’d probably have to choose Epcot because I just love walking the World Showcase and seeing all the different countries. I mean, yes there is something wanting in the experience if you compare it to truly traveling the world (which is something I plan to do in my future), but for a cultural excursion that can fit into the space of one day, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit Club Cool either, it’s a fun stop to make in the park where you can sample a variety of sodas from around the world. I’d recommend small sips at first, especially with Italy’s contribution, Beverly, because they may not all be your flavor.

Another reason to love Epcot is for it’s annual festivals and events. Right now the international flower and garden festival is going on and the park is overflowing with vibrant flowers and incredible topiaries. You can also taste foods from so many countries at the various stands and carts set up around the park, but more on that in the next post that’s going to be focused around the food from the parks.

One last thing that I really enjoyed was getting to ride the new Frozen ride. The lines for this ride are pretty ridiculous almost all day long but we were able to catch a ride right before the night show started and only had to wait about 15 minutes. It was such a lovely ride and I just love that they made it feel so authentically like Norway.

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