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    Video:Hiking to Snow Creek Falls

    Happy Sunday Guys! Last weekend my sister and her friend went to a place here in Northern Idaho called Snow Creek Falls. It was such a gorgeous day with so many beautiful sights that I couldn’t not share a little video with you. Hope you enjoy!

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    Vlog #2 Rock Climbing + What I ate Today

    Just popping in today to share another vlog. My friends and I spent the day climbing and exploring the Wild Walls climbing gym in Spokane WA. We had so much fun and I hope you enjoy watching the video πŸ˜‰

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    Travel Diary NYC: Last Day in the Big City

    Time for the final photo post from my New York trip and that’s kind of sad. Hey, but the good news is that the video is coming soon!

    The last day of our trip was really only a half day because we had to fly out in the evening. It was still a great day though and definitely worth sharing. We returned to Brookfield Place one more time before going home and probably not for what you’d think.

    You see, there were so many amazing stores there, but what we went back for were cupcakes! Sprinkle’s Cupcakes to be exact. Mom wanted to take some of them back to the gang at home so we ordered a whole box.

    We had wanted to go up to the top of the freedom tower but that didn’t work out because we were too short on time, but we did venture to a new area for food and it turned out to be just what we all liked. Of course, that’s because there were options.

    I was craving sushi and the boys wanted their burgers so I went to Wasabi and they went to The Shake Shack. Both of which were inside the Fulton Center and, that place is yet another item on my list of incredible structures I saw whilst in New York.

    And, well, that was about it for the day. After that the day was all about gathering luggage and catching flights so I didn’t take many more photos. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the pieces of these recent trips. Let me know if you want me to keep doing travel posts or if you’re craving some yummy food posts for a little while. I like to do it all!

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    Travel Diary NYC: Italy in New York?

    I’m so glad to be sharing another piece of my trip to New York!

    So in this post I’m sharing some photos of one of our last days there. I started off the day by greeting the geese families near our hotel that I’d been seeing all week. Later my brother and I went out for some really great food before heading into the city.

    The first thing we wanted to do is see the famous spots around Wallstreet so we went there first. Omg, the golden bull was on our list but unfortunately it was a no go. As you can see in the following picture, it was literally invisible in a mob of photo crazy tourists doing exactly what we were there to do, haha.

    So that didn’t really go as planned but we did see the financial district and some of the landmarks there. So cool to be in a place with a lot of history.

    We also passed the 9/11 memorial again on our way to The Oculus and Brookfield Place. All of which are incredible to see.

    The next day Mom and I split up from the boys and went to a little place called Eataly that is basically a chunk of all the best culinary tastes Italy has to offer, right in New York. We really enjoyed walking around and then grabbing some delicious foods to eat.

    I’ve been really enjoying sharing these posts with you and I think I’m almost through all the photos.

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    Travel Diary NYC: Carriages, Disney, Broadway, & M&Ms

    I’m so excited to tell you about yet another day of my New York trip. Sorry for how belated this by now but I still think some of this stuff is fun to share.

    We squeezed in a lot on this day of our trip, starting with a food festival held in the city streets. The 9th Avenue International Food Festival to be exact. I had a great time walking around and taking it all in. Of course, it was by far the most crowded food festival I’ve ever been to, but that’s New York for ya. There were so many unique options. Everything from gyros to fried oreos. I got this incredibly delicious acai bowl topped with bananas, kiwi, and pineapple. Super delish! My mom also tried a “mozzarepa” and she said it was super yummy too.

    Oh, and NY may be a really big city but it’s a small world because we ran into some friends while we were walking around. How ironic, right?

    As soon as we were done there, we headed to Broadway because we’d bought tickets to see Aladdin. I was really excited since this was the first time I’d ever been to a true Broadway production. I can’t compare it to anything as it’s the only one I’ve ever seen, but I will say it was incredible and so hilarious. I’d definitely recommend it. I would have taken lots of photos but unfortunately that was strictly prohibited.

    Then we made our way towards Central Park but found some distractions along the way. First it was the M&M store. Anything and everything M&M can be found there I believe.

    Then my brother got a chance to check out some of the newest tech at the Microsoft building and even got invited to tour the building later. I think he’s going to share that with you soon.

    We saw some other major icons too, (places I only recognize because I’m a major movie fan), like Rockefeller Center, some cathedrals, and The Plaza Hotel.

    I know this was my first time here, but I genuinely felt like I’ve been here before simply because I’ve seen these place on the big screen so many times.

    We finally made it to the park and decided to take a carriage ride around since it had been a pretty long day already and we wanted to see as much as possible.

    It was such a great ride and we enjoyed the driver’s tour as he drove us along. After that it was time for some food so we went to find something yummy. We actually ate at a very unexpected place in Time Square called Dos Caminos, which I really enjoyed.





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    Travel Diary NYC: Visiting The Met

    Hey again! How was your weekend? I’ve been finishing up my photos from NYC to share.

    On the Saturday of our trip we went to The Met (aka: The Metropolitan Museum of Art ). Wow, it was incredible and I could say so many things about it, but mostly it was just beyond words. Before going there we stopped to get some food at Grand Central Station again and I got this really good Greek salad.

    You could spend so much time at this museum. I honestly only spent a fraction of my time in there reading the information plaques in front of each exhibit. If I’d tried to read them all I imagine it could take me a whole week or something. In fact, we were late getting out for the day so it closed before we were even able to see the upper floor.

    I felt like we saw some of the biggest highlights though. The Egyptian artifacts were so interesting and fun to look at. As were the European displays. I couldn’t even begin to show you a picture of everything so this is just a small glimpse.

    It’s so incredible to me to see these statues and treasures that have survived the test of time. Many of them have sweet and interesting stories to tell, however many others have a bit of a darker story. For example, one of the sculptures I read about was sculpted to portray the torturous death of being flayed alive and another was to tell the story of a man forced to choose between starvation and cannibalism. Historic or not, that’s a bit darker than I’d like.

    Also, IΒ really enjoyed the armory and swords. I can’t get over how amazing it is to see these in real life.

    I guess I’ll have to visit there quite a few more times to explore everything. Oh well, I guess I’ll just HAVE to come back to New York to do that. I think I can make the sacrifice in the future. haha πŸ˜‰

    For dinner we ended up eating at The Cheesecake Factory yet again because, for one, it’s a favorite, and two, it’s literally across from our hotel. It was delicious! Tomorrow I’ll share most of the rest of my trip pics.

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    Travel Diary NYC: Grand Central Station & Time Square

    Hey guys. So this post is honestly waaaay late in coming, sorry about that. After getting home from this trip everything has been such a whirlwind but, hey, I’m sharing it now. If you saw my last video you’ll have gotten a pretty good overview of my whole trip, but I still wanted to take some time to tell you more of the details of each day.

    Okay, time for lots photos.

    Already, since getting here just a day ago I feel like we’ve seen so much. My brotherΒ and I had the best time seeing all of the iconic spots and places. We arrived very late (NY time) and then spent all of the following day exploring the city.

    Well, obviously there is WAY more than can be seen in a day, so we’ve got so many more things on our list, but we did manage to make it to Grand Central Station, Time Square, a few different malls, and the 9/11 Memorial.

    We got some really good food in the food court at Grand Central Station and we also passed some delicious looking bakeries. OOOooh, and we got some broadway tickets for the weekend, I can’t wait!

    The busyness of the city is both exciting and maybe a little overwhelming, but I’m loving it as a change of pace. Although, living here wouldn’t be my choice. I have been really enjoying meeting so many kinds of people though. Oh, and so many random acts of kindness that have made me feel really good about humanity, you know? There really are so many nice people in this world and I feel like the city makes it easy to forget that.

    We ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory that night with my parents and it was really good! (guess which one was mine πŸ˜‰ )

    I’ll be sharing the rest of my trip in the next few posts. Have a great weekend my friends!