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    Travel Diary NYC – Video

    It’s been a crazy month so far, wow.

    I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend if you’re here in The States, or just an amazing weekend if not. We had some friends over for a grill-out and just chilled and enjoyed the surprisingly nice weather. I’ve been taking some time recently to step back and catch-up on life things so I hope you understand why it’s been a little quiet on the recipe side of things here on the blog. Not to mention I’ve been traveling quite a bit.

    Speaking of traveling, I was just in New York for an event for a site called DLive. I’ve never talked about it much on this blog but over the past year I’ve been sharing just a few videos there and I’ll be continuing to share more so so if you want to see it there you can click this link  otherwise I’ve embedded it from youtube here because (eh hem) I can’t figure out how to embed the DLive vid. I hope you like it! Also, I’m so new at video so please excuse all the mistakes 😉


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    Travel Diary Canada – BC Museum & Butchart Gardens

    It’s time for the final post about my trip to Canada! I’d be a little sad to end it if I wasn’t about to fly to New York. In this post I’ll be sharing the pics I took at the British Columbia Museum and then the Butchart Gardens. Starting off with this amazing smoothie bowl that I got from a place called JUSU inside of a building called The Atrium.

    After that I headed to the museum to see all of the exhibits. I’d definitely recommend a visit there if you are anything like me and enjoy some nerdy history facts. Although, it wasn’t all boring facts. There were plenty of fun things for the kids and the entire museum is full of elaborate displays. I really liked the natural history wing with all the animals.

    They just seemed so real! (Oh, and forgive the bad pics, it was really dark.)

    The human history was also quite interesting and had just as many fun things to look at. Lots of totem polls as the history of Canada is full of the indigenous peoples and SOOOO many languages. Wow, I had no idea there could be so many dialects within such a small range.

    There is also plenty of maritime history if you’re into that. Also, can we just take a moment to ponder the propriety of certain arts. I mean………….

    Eh hem, yeah, moving on. (There are kids here people!)

    After exploring the museum I headed out to the Butchart Gardens on a tour bus. It’s a bit of a drive outside the city but the tour guide made the whole thing pass quickly by telling so many fun bits of trivia about Victoria.

    The Japanese garden was one of the coolest. I loved the atmosphere walking through it.

    The gardens were incredible, however, I think you need to have had a little experience with gardening to truly appreciate all of the work. I have played with gardening in the past (not very successfully) so I was amazed at the beauty thriving all around me.


    It’s split into sections of different types of gardens. There’s the Japanese Gardens, Italian Gardens, Rose Garden, and Sunken Garden.

    I had such a great time exploring and walking around, but of course the day had to end so after that I headed back to my hotel to get ready for travelling home the next day. I hope you enjoyed seeing my adventures and I’m so SOOOO excited to share as much as I can from New York!

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    Travel Diary Canada – Victoria BC: Craigdarroch Castle

    Hey again.

    I’ve nearly finished up with all of the travel posts from Victoria, BC but I’ve still got a few things to share. I’m also really excited about some news I’ll be sharing really soon.


    So in this post I’m sharing a little about the Craigdarroch Castle. If you saw my post about Hatley Castle then you might remember me talking about the connection between the two castles. Hatley Castle was built by James Dunsmuir, the son of Robert Dunsmuir who built Craigdarroch Castle. There’s quite an bit of history tied into both of these structures, considering how young they are on a world history scale.

    Upon entering Craigdarroch you step into this small room that, while beautiful and ornate, might leave you wondering if the rest of the home was built for hobbits. However, once you go inside you immediately get a glimpse of a winding staircase that spans the entire castle and reveals how much you’ve got to explore.

    The entire building is set up for visitors. Each room has plaques and antiques on display, much like a museum, yet a little more natural and homey. I mean, the castle was actually constructed as a home to begin with and lived in by the Dunsmuir family for an entire generation.

    I won’t go into all the history I learned on my visit but I did find it interesting to know that after death of Robert, house was stripped and then through the years was used for so many things such as a WWII hospital and a college. In more recent years though, it has been restored. Of course, after so many years it’s impossible to think that the things on display now could have been the original furnishings of the home.


    The restoration team carefully searched for what is currently shown and I have a great appreciation for the work that was put into accurately matching the time period with antiques to refill the building.


    If you’re ever in the area I’d definitely recommend paying a visit to this Castle. I mean, who doesn’t love to spend the day exploring a castle?

    All the attention to detail was just so cool.

    After all the excitement of the day I was really hungry so I went to a place called The Noodle Box and ordered something delicious!

    So that was the highlights from this day of my trip. I’ll be sharing the rest soon!

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    Travel Diary Canada – Victoria, BC: Castles, Gardens, &…..X-men?


    Now I’m sharing some of the photos I took on the third day of my travels.

    This day was probably the most adventurous of them all, simply for the fact that I opted to use public transportation in an unfamiliar city. I rode the bus towards the outside of the city to pay a visit to the famous Hatley Castle. Let’s just say that after everything I had to do a little walking to get to where I was going, but the good news is that I got there. Oh, but the bad news is that I forgot my camera’s SD card so all of these photos were in fact taken on my phone. It just goes to prove that you don’t need a fancy camera to take some good shots.

    So the history of this building is very interesting and I wasn’t aware until my visit to Craigdarroch Castle the following day that there was a connection between the two.

    I won’t go all ‘history teacher’ on you and give you the whole story, but basically this castle was built by the son of Robert Dunsmuir, James Dunsmuir. Apparently, after the death of his father, his mother was made the beneficiary of the estate and the large family business. I’m not quite sure what led to what, but I’d say it was a classic case of why you should never mix business with friends and family. It ended in a lawsuit over the business in which James won and I visited the Craigdarroch castle the following day and was able to tour the entire thing so I’ll be sharing that soon, but as for Hatley castle, it unfortunately wasn’t open for touring on this day.

    Guess what? This building has been used in so many movies and tv shows that you’ve probably seen. Namely the 2016 Deadpool movie and most of the X-men movies. It was also in the TV series Arrow and Smallville. So yeah, I half expected a superhero to come around the corner. Aw, well no such luck but I did see some beautiful things.

    So in the next post I’ll be sharing the photos from the other castle I visited. Have a great week.

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    Travel Diary Canada – Victoria BC: Whale Tales + Fisherman’s Wharf

    What’s up my friend? I’m still in Victoria and I wanted to share about another one of the days that I spent here.

    So the day started out with a little bit of window shopping and exploring the city. Then I found a great place to grab something to eat. I was in the mood for sushi and I tried something I’ve never even heard of before, yam sushi. It was actually so good! It also had some avocado and cucumber too. Super yummy!

    After that I headed to the bay area and took a ferry boat over to the fisherman’s wharf. It’s a small little port community of floating homes and tourist shops.

    I found the homes so fascinating and I’m just so curious about what it would be like to live in one. Personally, I’d imagine the lack of privacy would drive me crazy, but I guess if I was a fisherman or a sailor it would be worth it. They all even had cute little boat names like “Water’s Edge” and “Moonshadow”.

    It must be a very unique lifestyle.

    So then there’s the really fun part. I went on a whale watching tour on a really nice boat. We saw so many creatures. Everything from the national bird of my country, the bald eagle, to whales and various species of pinipeds (such as seals, walrus, and sea lions)

    I wish I could share more pictures of the creatures but, I’ll be honest, the wind was intense and the day got rainy at times so I did my best to keep my camera safe. Although, I did get some footage and I really hope to get a video of my whole trip together soon. Oh, but I did capture a photo of one of the humpback whales diving!

    If you’re ever planning a visit, I’d definitely recommend a whale watching adventure. Oh, but bring planty of warm clothes. However, if that’s not your thing you should at least stop by Fisherman’s wharf.

    Until next time……..


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    Travel Diary Canada – Victoria, BC: City Sights + Chinatown

    Time to share a little about my trip to Victoria!

    Wanna know a random bit of trivia about Gringalicious? Since we’re all known by usernames here on Steemit you probably didn’t know that my name is actually Victoria. That’s right, so this trip could also be titled Victoria in Victoria, haha.

    Everything so far has been amazing. Starting with the hotel. I’m staying at the Mariott Inner Harbor and the staff has been so kind. The room is super comfortable and accommodating. My goodness, they even give you q-tips, cotton balls, and fluffy white robes. Not that those are incredibly unusual items but my point is that they care about the details.

    After getting checked into my hotel I decided to do a little purposeful wandering around the city to get a feel for things. By the time I’d gotten to the Bay Centre mall I was ready to grab some food. You know, it’s nearly dangerous how many options there are for Asian and Indian cuisine here because those are some of my favorites!

    After lunch I headed towards Chinatown. If you ever come here you absolutely can’t miss the hidden little alley called Fantan Alley. It would be pretty hard to discover if you didn’t know it was there. With my inner Harry Potter nerd forever with me, I couldn’t help being reminded of Diagon alley while walking down it, but even if you aren’t a fan you’ll still probably find it magical.

    Later I headed towards the inner harbor to see the water and the Empress hotel. It’s just such a lovely area!

    Stay tuned for tomorrow because I’ve got something fishy to tell you about!

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    Travel Video! Victoria, British Columbia

    Hey again!

    So I know it’s been a bit since my last post and I’m sorry about that. I’ve been doing quite a bit organizing and sorting through all the photos and video from my recent travels to Victoria, BC. I had such and amazing time there and I’ve got so many photos to share…..but first I wanted you to be the first to see my first travel video. I’m not a pro by any means. (Seriously, this was largely a “figure-it-out-as-you-go” project). I’ve been meaning to break into the video world though and I’m just so excited to share this even if it’s not one hundred percent perfect.

    I’ll be sharing the rest of the photos from my trip this week and I’ve also got some really exciting news to share. Apparently my traveling this month doesn’t stop with Canada. Some things have come up and it looks like I’ll be flying to the big apple in just a few days! That’s right, I’m going to New York! Oh my gosh, I’m beyond words excited and because I’ve hardly had a chance to take it in.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video!